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NAV Classic - Database Login To Windows Login.

Hi Readers, Most of you may not want to see this, but I would like to keep this information for me. As most of you know that I live and breath Upgrades for Dynamics NAV / Business Central. Currently I am upgrading a customer from NAV 4 Native to Business Central. As its challenging there is so much learning too. #DynamicsNAV

Navision - How to Format Dates for Cheque Reports?

Hi all, This is nothing most of you would be interested in. This post only show steps about how to Format Cheque Date specific to Actual Cheque. If you don't know this, then please go ahead. The intended readers for this post are the Peoples who have recently joined and are still Learning NAV. Based on Request received via Contact Form..

NAV 2009 , 2009 SP1 & 2009 R2 - Farewell on 13 January 2015.

Hi all, In a official statement from Microsoft it have been confirmed that Now it time to say Bye Bye to NAV 2009 Series. Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Ends January 13, 2015. With this Statement Microsoft Says Good Bye to CLASSIC CLIENT. 

NAV 2009 And Earlier - Internal error 52033 in Module 93.

Hi all, While trying to open a database in Version 4 SP3 (5 SP1) I faced the below error message. The error message was new to me till today. Resolution - The above error also appear of our SQL Start up Parameter  4616.

NAS - Email Intimation when NAS Services Stops.

Hi all, A common question that we have in mind about NAS is -  what happens if NAS Services are turned off? We are mostly looking for something like a E-mail Intimation to Administrator. This article is based on inputs provided by +Arul Venthan   and  +Neha Pr  . This article is not for NAS Service only. This applies to all windows services and can be setup for any of them.

BEFORE NAV 2013 - SMTP SETUP WITH Port No. Other Than 25.

Hi all, You might have faced and resolved this issue as it is a common problem. This article is intended for those who haven't faced issue Related to Non Standard SMTP Port during SMTP Setup till NAV 2009 R2.

Table of Index - for articles NAS & Email From NAV.

Hi all, As there are many post regarding for NAS and Email Articles. Below are links for all these articles. This is Table of Content of all articles about NAS and Email Articles in Dynamics NAV Classic Version.

Automatic Mail Using NAS and SMTP Setup..

Hi all, I know its been too late for this post, but the final post from the series of posts where we were discussing about NAS and E-mail is here. Target - To send a email to customer based on E-mail in customer card. The Mail should be send automatically to all the customer who have valid e-mail Id's after 30 days. This article is part of the Series. Please Refer Table of Content here .

Export to Excel - With Fixed Column Width / Row Height

Hi all, This article is based on request from my friend   +Damith Shan Abeywicrema . Hey, man below are the steps how you can achieve it.

NAV Certification - Second Shot is back through May 2014!

Hi all, Just an update for those who are planning to get certified on Microsoft Exams. If You've been thinking about scheduling that next exam but just didn't get around to it.  Here's some good news that will help you get it done. 

NAV Classic - Open a Form at windows Start-up.

Hi all, As discussed earlier how to open a specific database from the command line. Let's see today one more customer requirement that a particular for should open on the start-up of windows.

Navision Classic Client - Shortcut Points to a specific Database.

Hi all, Just a small Post, but this was asked to me by lot of peoples, so planned to keep user updated.

Difference between Page Action and Control Action..

Hi all, While adding actions to pages from view menu we find two options Page Actions & Control Actions as shown below.


Hi all, During our previous post we read about installation and configuration of NAS. Let's try to use this to automate a task. For this Demo I consider the below scenario.

How to Setup Jobs in Job Queue (Till NAV 2009 R2)

Hi all, During our previous post we read about installation and configuration of NAS. Let's see how to setup Job Queue.

Send Mail with Attachment From Navision.

Hi all, We have seen how to save a report into PDF and how to send mail to a customer. Let's link these two post in one i.e. Mailing statement to a customer into PDF Format. This article is part of the Series. Please Refer  Table of Content here . If you have the old objects set let me brief you what I will be changing - 

Email From NAV.

Hi all, Let's extend the mail feature as discussed in earlier post. Let's try to send mail to customer with some details like Open Invoice entries from customer ledger entries. This article is part of the Series. Please Refer  Table of Content here .

Send Test Mail Using Navision...

Hi all, Let's see how we can send an E-mail message from Navision. If you have gone through previous post, we will just be using function which were discussed in those posts. This article is part of the Series. Please Refer  Table of Content here .

Navision Classic - Save Report in PDF File as User Defined Path.

Hi all, Today Let's try to save a classic report in PDF format. We need to use any third party tool (PDF Printer) which will be used to print report in PDF. There are plenty of them if you search on the web. I will be using Bullzip Printer for Demo. For Downloading Bullzip Printer follow the Link . Download and Install the PDF Printer.

Navision SMTP Setup and Uses

Hi all, Let's discuss and try to find out uses of SMTP Related Objects in Navision. A Navision Database contain following SMTP Objects - Table - SMTP Mail Setup Form / Page - SMTP Mail Setup Codeunit - SMTP Mail This article is part of the Series. Please Refer  Table of Content here .