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NAV 2013 New Language for Indian Database

Hi all, I was comparing NAV 2013 W1 and NAV 2013 IN for some changes that have been done specifically for INDIA. During comparison i found that all the objects have some changes. When i drilled it down i found that a new language layer have been added in NAV 2013 for India named as ENN . I was bit amazed to see this, and was confused that may be i would have missed in previous version. But when i checked in NAV 2009 SP1 IN Database i figured it out that its added in NAV 2013 only.

SQL Maintenance Plan with Database Mail.

Hi all, As discussed in last two post about 1) How to Configure Database Mail in SQL Server. 2) How to create operator in SQL? Let's see the uses of last post in this post, by creating a simple maintenance plan for taking automatic Backup from SQL and Notifying the administrator about success or failure of the Job performed by Maintenance Plan. There are many Default maintenance Task available in SQL, but for demo we will be using Complete Backup Maintenance Task.

How to create operator in SQL?

Hi all, I hope everyone is great. As discussed in last post , lets have a look on how to add operators in SQL. Use of Operator - The operator is used in SQL Management Plans and Jobs to send mail in case of Success or Failure of Jobs. We will discuss how to create jobs and SQL Maintenance Plans in a separate post. As of now let's stick to agenda and discuss how to create the operator.

How to Configure Database Mail in SQL Server.

Hi all, Let's see how to configure Database Mail in SQL Server. we will see use of same in future post. Open SQL Server Management Studio. Open Management and Right Click Database Mail as shown below.

Freeze Pane in NAV 2013

Hi all, It's been so long from my last post. Sorry but i am busy these days. Let's have a quick post about the new Freeze Pane that is available in NAV 2013 List Pages and how we can change that freeze pane. What is freeze Pane? Freeze Pane means the selected Columns remain fix when you navigate in the page records.

NAV 2009 Reports - Common Issue & Resolutions..

Hi all, I know it to late but I wish you all a very Happy  & Prosperous New Year . I am so much busy these days that I can't even make a Blog entry. So here is the list of points that I will be coming up in next few days (once I will get free) - As most of us still working on NAV 2009 Reports. Let's figure out the challenges we face during development of RTC Reports.