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RTC Error The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server cannot connect the Change Listener to SQL Server because of the following error: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Hi all, Which doing a implentation i found a error, and i thought of sharing same so that others who face this issue can reslove same without spending time which i did. Everything done, from syncronization, change listener but the error remains same as shown in screenshot below. After searching i found out at MSDN that this is due to SQL Server and Firewall. For SQL Server the ports used is 1433. Steps to Resolve Error - 1) On the Start menu, click Run, type WF.msc, and then click OK. 2) In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, in the left pane, right-click Inbound Rules, and then click New Rule in the action pane. 3) In the Rule Type dialog box, select Port, and then click Next. 4) In the Protocol and Ports dialog box, select TCP. Select Specific local ports, and then type the port number of the instance of the Database Engine, such as 1433 for the default instance. Click Next. 5) In the Action dialog box, select Allow the connection, and