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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - Data Upgrade Error There is no active session within Filter.

Hi All, In this article we will discuss how to resolve an issue that you may find during Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Upgrade Step 2. The Error does not allow you to start the Data Upgrade process and the Complete Error Message is - SessionId : 0 CodeunitId : 104050 FunctionName : CheckPreconditions CompanyName : <Companyname> StartTime : Duration : State : Failed Error : There is no Active Session within the filter. Filters: Server Instance ID: 1024, Session ID: 74

Upgrade - Database Archive for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Hi All, Now a Days as most of the work that partners have is upgrade. It would not be wrong to say that even Microsoft have discontinued Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and Previous version, we still have so many customers who are actually using them. There are some customer still using version 3.7 or 2.0 but majority of customers are either on 4, 5 and 2009. Now when we as Microsoft Dynamics Partners plan to upgrade a customer to NAV 2013 / NAV 2013 R2 / NAV 2015 and NAV 2016, first thing that we look for is the Microsoft Database (objects) of the base Version which is currently the Customer Version. Where we can find the databases for these Old Versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV? 

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Cumulative Update Summary For March 2016.

Hi All, Please find below the details of Cumulative Updates Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015 & NAV 2016 In March 2016. Below are the Links to Download the Latest Cumulative Update.

How To Calculate Difference Between Two Dates in Navision 2013 R2 and Higher ?

Hi All, It was always been a trouble to calculate Difference Between Two Date Time Variables. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, Dotnet Variable are available which make life easy in so many situations. Today we will discuss one of the Dotnet Component for calculation Difference between days. This Solution can be implemented on Navision Version  2013 R2 and Later. The Demo Steps are on NAV 2016 W1 Database.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - Export To Excel With Font & Color

Hi All, This post will provide the Possibility for Export To Excel Feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, with Custom Font, Custom Font Colour, and Custom Background Color. I have written this article on NAV 2013 R2, and as per my Blog User Request I am publishing the Same features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. So without wasting much of the time let's Start. At the End of the article the Objects will be available for Download (Dynamics NAV 2016 W1). If you have a custom database then you can use the text file for merging the changes.

NAV 2013 R2 - Export To Excel With Font & Color Version 2.

Hi All, This post is re-written on the already published article due to some features were not present in the first article. Thanks to  +Valerie Metcalf  , Nuno Silva   &  Bruno Guedes  for identifying the missing features. Thank you all. Let's List Down what all was missing -  - If you are using AddColumnWithFonts insted of AddColumn the Bold, Italics and Underline property were not working.  - You Cannot actually use both AddColumnWithFonts & AddColumn in same Report.