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RTC Report Landscape Format without Printer Settings.

Hi all, In Case of Report Development in Landscape Format, it was behaving wired. In need to select the printer orientation from the printer settings. But later on I thought about the same and started searching on the web. Then From MSDN i found out that if the report settings in RDLC are done correctly then we don't need to change the printer settings every time.

ZUP File / Personalization Settings in Navision Role Tailored Client.

Hi all, I did some changes in the pages & Reports During run time and save the view.Now i wanted to revert those changes to the standard Navision settings. In Microsoft Dynamics Navision Classic Client we can do this by deleting the zup file as this file store all the personalization settings.But what about the Role tailored Client? For Role Tailored Client there are two ways to do it - 1) Delete the PersonalizationStore.xml. This file is located at \Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV.This file is used to store all user changes like resizing the columns in the pages. You can delete this file, If you want to roll back all the changes. The Problem with Way 1 is that it will delete all your settings, what if if you dont want to delete all personalization settings but selective setting. Here is the another way. 2) Go to Object designer, & Run Table 2000000080 Page Data Personalization. This table contain a record for each personalizati

How to Install Navision Application Server (NAS)?

Hi all, While trying to install NAV Application Server(NAS), i faced lots of challenges. So i thought to prepare a How to install NAS. Remember some Points before you start - 1) NAS Require a Windows Login to start. This is because it is a service and it is not possible to define a database login in a service. So you need to create a login in the domain or on the server to do it. 2) SYSADMIN Rights to Windows Login in SQL Server. Now you have your Windows login, but this login has NO rights yet in SQL-server. So you need to create that Windows-login in SQL-server and make him sysadmin. See the manual on how to do that in SQL.

RTC Report It is not possible to instantiate the Visual Studio bridge.

Hi all, As a Navision developers I have Multiple Versions of Navision running in single Machine. As discussed Earlier in the post how to run multiple Version of RTC in single machine. So my machine have following details for RTC Versions - NAV 2009 R2    - is installed. NAV 2009 SP1  - is copied at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\NAV 6.0 SP1 IN\ NAV 2009         - is copied at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\NAV 6.0 IN\ This approach has been working great for execution of Classic and RTC Clients. However, after installing Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, if i tried to view the Layout for an NAV 2009 SP1 Report i was getting the following error: ---------------------------  Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic  ---------------------------  It is not possible to instantiate  the Visual Studio bridge.  ---------------------------  OK    --------------------------- After searching for the error i figured out the issue was due to - Design change in NA