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Server Is Not Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic.

Hi all, Yesterday i restored the backup of a R2 Database in Navision. After Restoring i tried to start the role tailored client but i gave me an error. The error is shown is screenshot below. Resolution for the Error- 1) Open the database in classic client. 2) From the file menu, Under databases select ALTER. 3) Go to Options Tab. 4) First check the Single User check box and Then select check for for Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. After that click ok and close the database. Then again follow the steps from 1 to 3 and uncheck the Single user and Click Ok. Try Starting Role Tailored Client, it will work now. Thanks & Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Downgrade 2009 sp1 objects into 5.x or older databases.

Hi all, Last week I required to do some customization on 5.x database that i have already done on 2009 SP1. It consist of multiple tables and Reports so i was frusted that i have to do it again for 5.x as i cannot just import the objects of 2009 SP1. While looking for some solution on the web, i find out that Mr. Rashed Amini have developed a tool which can downgrade objects from 2009 SP1 to 5.x and older versions of navision. I used the tool and everything worked fine. What this tool does is  remove the 2009 specific areas out of the text file and then importing them into 5.0 or older can try and test the tool. You can find the tool on Rashed Amini Blog here   here (Updated on 16-11-2015) . Thanks To  +Preslav Velkov  for the Updated Link. Thanks & Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Finding Application Build For Navision

Hi all, While Locking a case in Microsoft Partner/Customer Source it asks about the certain details about Navision Version being used. Most of us find issue where it ask for Navision Build. So in this post we will see where we can find the Application Build for Navision we are using.

Data port with Headers

Hi all, Most of time customer requires data from Navision, but they also request to have headers in the output. We create a dataport but the problem occurs while having headers for the values. Let’s see how we can do this- Create a new dataport for Customer Table which will export Customer No., Name, City and Contact. Once you are done with creation of dataport and adding dataport fields, go to OnPreDataItem().

Note’s in Navision 2009 RTC

Hi all, While trying to figure out new features in Navision 2009 RTC I figured out a new feature called Notes/Links. In Navision 2009 RTC, you will find a system part called as Notes. Let’s see how we can use this. Below is the image which shows a list of Sales order in Role Tailored Client and you can see a note window in the right hand side. As soon as user opens an existing order or creates a new order, he/she can put his comments about the same and notify the user whose windows login is synchronized in the database. As I opened a sales order, I can see a link for creating a new note in the right hand panel (Fact Box). As soon as user clicks on the link to create a new note, he get a window opened which ask for certain information. 1) Your message/ comments. 2) User Id whose you want to send the notification. 3) A Boolean for Notify. User select one of the user from the list and click on the notify Boolean and then save the note. When t