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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - How To Part 1?

Hi All, As Public Preview of project Madeira was available most of the people created there tenants and started using it. Finally I Spare sometime and started using Project Madeira. With this How To Series articles will provide common configuration / setup which we keep on looking as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users or Consultant and Developers. 1. First this we will see Where we can -  - Change Role Center Page.  - Change Company.  - Change Work Date.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - Multiple Types of Views In List.

Hi All, As we are discussing Madeira now a days, one of the cool things which I found in Project Madeira. There are multiple views, that a user can select to view a list of records. Below are views of how commonly used for masters looks in Madeira.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - Compare with NAV.

Hi All, It's being a while I haven written a Blog. So in this article we will try to compare Project Madeira with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Release. So Let's  start with discussing the Modified Functionality available with Madeira.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - Findings and Clarity.

Hi All, More on Madeira Based on my Learnings on other Great Bloggers.   Do Not Confuse? Project Madeira is Not Code Name for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Release. Its a Code Name for Cloud Offering hosted by Microsoft within O365. Yes the code base is from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. More Details On Microsoft Site.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - How to setup Project Madeira using a demo O365 account.

Hi All, I Know most of you have Setup Project Madeira. This article is for the Readers who still haven't setup Project Madeira with steps. I have setup my Demo Copy and it look like as below - Let's set it up for you.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - Open for Public Preview.

Hi All, This News might amaze most of you like me but its officially true. If you remember everyone was discussing about Madeira In November 2015 , after the Microsoft Conference where NAV 2016 was released. Did you all learned NAV 2016 or should I say NAV 2015 & NAV 2016? If you answer that as NO, then I would say that our speed is bit slow. Thinking why I am saying that. Microsoft Released Preview of Madeira Today. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - New Function CURRENTCOMPANY.

Hi All, Today in NAV 2016 I was writing a piece of code using Events & Subscriptions. Below are some details of that - I want to write some details on another company when a Item is inserted in a particular company but also wanted to fire OnInsert Trigger of Item in another company too. Yes we all know how it is done in Navision C/AL Code, using CHANGECOMPANY and TRANSFERFIELDS . But The Issue was the Subscriber was called again when the Insert was happening in the another company and it was looping through it. At the end it was generating an error message.

Upgrade From Classic To RTC - Issue with Line Feed and Horizontal Tab (Version 3.0)

Hi All, Today I would like to discuss an Update on a Old Article which discuss the resolution for issue that we have during upgrade from Navision Classic Client to Navision RTC Client. Old Article Reference   What is the issue ?  The Issue is with the data having Line Feed & Horizontal Tab. On Which Fields the issue is? The major issue is with the Primary key field. On Fields other than primary key it doesn't make much of the difference.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Cumulative Update Summary For April 2016.

Hi All, Please find below the details of Cumulative Updates Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015 & NAV 2016 In April 2016. Below are the Links to Download the Latest Cumulative Update.