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How Do I - Test My NAV Web Services.

Hi Readers, I am working a web Service project with a customer and having trouble in communication because from NAV we actually do nothing related to web service publishing. Let me try to explain the problem - If a customer request you to publish a page as web services, for example, "Customer List" Page what we do. 1. We open Web Services page. 2. Add a New record, of Type Page and ID 22 and give a Service Name like cust. 3. Share the URL with the customer. Now, what if the customer says, there we are unable to consume it to Read, Read Multiple and other web service functions what to do??? Let's discuss some of my findings.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 - Yes It is!

Hi All, Yes, I know it's not what I said in Last week article, but I guess things are changing 😊 and I always believe changes are good. So here are some latest updates - Microsoft has decided to release Dynamics NAV 2018 this year. 

Updates from #DirectionsNA 2017 Part 1 - NAV 2018 or Dynamics365 Tenerife

Hi all readers, If you are like me who was unable to attend Directions North America here are updates from Twitter and blogs. I am missing it so here are some updates via #Dynamics365Tenerife and #DirectionsNA.

How To Report SaveAsHTML Pre NAV 2017.

Hi Readers, Origin of the today's post is a requirement to Save as Report as HTML in NAV 2016. This also brings some learnings for me so thought to share with you all. Till NAV 2009 (if I remember it correctly) Report.SaveAsHTML was supported but due to design changes in NAV Microsoft decided to obsolete this feature after NAV 2009. But later in NAV 2017, microsoft felt a need to the function and it came back in existence. But due to this confusion, I have provided a bad estimate and end-up spending good amount of time to translate a report (in my case word layout) to an HTML file. In this article, we will see how we can transform a word file to an HTML File using DOTNET Components.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Cumulative Update Summary For Sep 2017.

Hi All, Microsoft Have Released Cumulative Update for Sep 2017. Please find below the details of Cumulative Updates Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, NAV 2015, NAV 2016 & NAV 2017. Below are the Links to Download the Latest Cumulative Update.