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Quick Entry - An Efficient Way of Data Entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Hi all, I was just browsing NAV 2013 during which i figured out a efficient way of entering data in NAV 2013 - QUICK ENTRY.

Running Multiple Web Service In NAV 2009, 2009 SP1 & 2009 R2.

Hi all, In all the previous posts we have discussed about how to create multiple NAV Services to Run Multiple RTC for same or Different version of Role Tailored Client. But we never discussed about how we can create multiple Web Services. I required to Publish Multiple Web services and that is the reason i come up with this Post. Hope you will find it use of this post somewhere.

Integrating with Microsoft OneNote - Part 2

Hi all, As discussed in earlier post, let's Try use One Note Integration in Local Machine. If you haven't read the earlier post click here . 1. Open Navision and Open Profiles by Search box or navigating to    Departments - Administration - Application Setup - RoleTailored Client - Profiles

Integrating with Microsoft OneNote - Part 1

Hi all, I was just going through article about Integrating with Microsoft One Note in MSDN . With Microsoft OneNote 2010 integration you can attach notes to customers, items, or invoices. One Note notes can be created for a specific record, but also for a whole page depending on the setup. Reminder - Pages notes can only be used on pages that are based on a source table. This means that, for example, the Role Center page cannot use page notes.