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A Flight to Remember after #MySummitNA.

Hi Readers, I am writing this hoping I get it out of my system and no more nightmare that I have after 17/Oct/2022. Precap -  I was excited before I boarded fight to be home for Diwali and few hours later, I was praying that I need to be alive. I never wanted to feel this but remember "You have limited control as humans". #flight #emergencylanding #rerouted

Summary of Dynamics Community Summit 2022.

Hi Readers, It's been a while, but I feel like it's important for me to write about last US Trip for Community Summit NA. #MySummitNA. A lot happened during this trip, and it surely deserve multiple articles about it. I will try to summarize the whole trip in two blogs. There are in general learning around product but also life changing event that was part of this trip. #msdyn365bc, #MySummitNA, #NAVUG, #BCUG

Highlights from First Ever - #DirectionsVirtual.

Hi Readers, Today First ever #DirectionsVirtual kicked off. Due to Covid this event was switched to being virtual.  As expected its a great session, to network and hear great about product. #directions4partners is combination of Directions EMEA and Directions Asia. I am participating this year and trying to be presenter. During my session recording I learned that I am not a camera friendly person.  But so much about me, lets talk about some news that is for everyone from Day 1 of Virtual Directions. #Directions2020 #directions4partners

Dynamics Community Summit North America 2020.

Hi Readers, Dynamic Communities, Summit is the next big Dynamics 365 conference.  Due to #Covid 19, Community SUMMIT is also Virtual this year. When - October 05 2020 - October 09 2020.

DynamicsCon - Upcoming Free Conference.

Hi Readers, I have seen so many questions around great free content that community keep looking for.  If you are looking for great content with great presenters then look for new conference DynamicsCon . #DynamicsCon #Msdyn365bc. Let's talk in brief about the new conference.

NAVUG Summit North America.

Hi All, In fact, at this very moment, I'm working on my final changes on my slides for NAVUG Summit. I will be attending Summit for the first time. I don't know at all what the experience is going to be like but I am looking forward to it! NAVUG Summit -  Dates  - October 15-18,2019. Location - Gaylord Palms Resort, Kissimmee, FL. Pre-Confrence Activites - October 13-15.

Directions Asia 2019 - Discussion about The Big Announcement.

Hi Readers, As most / all of knew that I attended Directions Asia this year again. I feel great that I was there to be a part of Next Big Change in the Product. This is a coincidence that when I Joined NAV first Big change happened - Role Tailored Client was released. Being there in Directions Asia other than being a part of the big change I was able to clarify doubts and was able to plan my future plan that this Big Change will bring to us. I got so much Information during two days of Directions Asia and I will try to split all learning into multiple articles. Disclaimer: The information that I will list in these articles is based on my understanding & only from my interpretation! If you feel bad after reading this article sorry for that. No Hard Feelings  it's just my opinion and if you disagree its ok.

Directions Asia 2019 - Will we meet there?

Hi Readers, The Directions ASIA 2019 conference is where the Partner Community gets ready together with Microsoft for the transition. At Directions ASIA 2019, you will not only get the freshest updates about Business Central and local versions but also discover professional and business opportunities. Where - Location 1 - 2 April 2019 Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 11, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Malaysia

MSDYN365BC - NAVTechDays 2018 All Content.

Hi Readers, NAVTechDays 2018, one of the Great event about Microsoft Dynamics NAV is completed (22 & 23 November 2018). I think going forward the new name with BCTechDays. I want to be there in one of the NAVTechDays but till that become reality I follow #NAVTechDays via Twitter. With that being said, NAVTechDays always record and publish all content to the Community, so that we all (who were not there) able to learn from those recordings and presentations.

NAVUG PODCAST - Microsoft MVP Interview June 2018.

Hi All, I attended UG Focus conference in Indianapolis in May 2017. I got an opportunity to be a part of a  podcast together with Gunnar and Erik while we were at the UG Focus conference in Indianapolis. We discussed great stuff about future of Business Central and the community.

Directions Asia - Will you be around?

Hi All, Directions Asia 2018 Conference for partners and customers and is happening in Bangkok Thailand. Conference dates are March 15 and 16. We will be there!

Updates from #DirectionsNA 2017 Part 1 - NAV 2018 or Dynamics365 Tenerife

Hi all readers, If you are like me who was unable to attend Directions North America here are updates from Twitter and blogs. I am missing it so here are some updates via #Dynamics365Tenerife and #DirectionsNA.

NAVTECDAYS - 2015 Material Available to Download.

Hi All, As most of us know that NAV TechDays 2015 was held last month on 19 & 20 November and with some great session and workshops. Those Who don't know what is NAV TechDays -  NAV TechDays is the name of a conference, organized by The goal of this conference is to offer 2 days full of – technical only and highly relevant – sessions, related to Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.

NAV TechDays 2014 - Session Recordings Available to Download.

Hi All, NAV TecDays have been Completed on 20 & 21 Nov 2014. From the Presenters Articles and from TecDays Site, it seems that it was a great Event. I have gown through some of the PPT's and Blog and they are very informative. Those who were unable (Like Me) to attend the Great Event Below are links to the session Videos which are available to download on Mibuso. If you are looking for the Session PPT's please follow the link .

NAV TechDays 2014 - Session PPT's Available to Download.

Hi All, Last Week NAV TecDays have been Completed on 20 & 21 Nov 2014. From the Presenters Articles and from TecDays Site, it seems that it was a great Event. I have gown through some of the PPT's and Blog and they are very informative. Those who were unable (Like Me) to attend the Great Event Below are links to the session PPT's which are available to download on Mibuso.