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NAVUG Summit North America.

Hi All,

In fact, at this very moment, I'm working on my final changes on my slides for NAVUG Summit. I will be attending Summit for the first time. I don't know at all what the experience is going to be like but I am looking forward to it!

NAVUG Summit - 
Dates  - October 15-18,2019.
Location - Gaylord Palms Resort, Kissimmee, FL.
Pre-Confrence Activites - October 13-15.

Attendees will have access to:

• Summit is the only in-person event featuring user-produced education on how to maximize the performance of your software, regardless of version, to further your job role, career, and product investment.
• Expertise is shared openly and honestly in an authentic community-driven environment that allows you to home in on your region, industry, and role—providing the ultimate customized experience that offers return on investment year-round.
• Network with peers who are in similar roles and face the same issues on a daily basis and receive un-biased support/problem-solving.

How can I see the list of the session in NAVUG Summit - 
Just browse to

How can you register?
Just browse to

Where we can meet? 
First-year is going to be especially busy for me. I am going to deliver quite some content.
But we also meet during Breakout Sessions.
You can also find in Archerpoint Booth.

My Sessions in NAVUG Summit 2019 - 

1. Getting Started with Visual Studio & AL for Dynamics 365 BC/NAV.

When - Monday, October 14.
Duration - 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
Link -

What will be covered - 
• Introduction to VS Code Editor and AL Programming.
• Becoming familiar with creating new objects in AL.
• Becoming familiar with extending Base Microsoft objects using Events and Subscriptions.
• Understanding Report Development and word/RTC Layout in AL.
• Using In-Client Designer.
• Publish and Maintain Extensions.
• Using Debugger with VS Code.

2. AL and VS Code: The Good, The Bad, and The Fine Print.

When - Wednesday, October 16.
Duration - 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM.
Link -

What will be covered - 
If you have a basic understanding of AL and VS Code and how to make that transition, you’re ready for some insider tips to becoming proficient faster and with fewer surprises. We’ll share the improvements and the issues you’ll find moving to this new environment, such as the impact of extensions and mods on your database and performance. You’ll also get some time-saving tips on how to work in VS Code around workspaces, snippets, the formatter, working with multiple extensions, and more.

3. Hands-on Lab: For the New Developer - Getting Started with VS Code and AL.

When - Thursday, October 17.
Duration - 09:30 AM to 10:30 AM.
Link -

What will be covered - 

Visual Studio Code and AL is the new way of developing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This has been true for extensions and SaaS add-ons for quite some time, but with the fall release, even the Microsoft base app will move completely from the traditional object designer and C/AL language to the new environment within Visual Studio Code. This workshop will give developers who are new to the Business Central ecosystem, or traditional C/AL developers who want to take this chance to get acquainted with the new world, a chance to learn how to handle AL development from scratch. You will be taken by the hand and led gently down the path by a series of instructor-led exercises.

Top 6 Reasons for Attending:
1. User Group Summit’s dedication to bringing users to the forefront of technology problem-solving and product development will help our team gain a stronger sense of what’s available and how we can put these tools and techniques into practice.
2. Experts, MVPs, and Microsoft team members will discuss industry trends, product roadmaps, and learning strategies impacting our organization.
3. The practical, hands-on Conference Academy workshops will show us how to solve our team’s challenges and use our products in better, more efficient ways.
4. It’s a networking opportunity that can’t be compared. User Group Summit creates the space for easy knowledge sharing so I’ll learn from peer experiences that only come from unscripted conversations.
5. The user group community is year-round so the networking won’t stop on-site. This vibrant and virtual network will help me continue to make the most of our software year-round.
6. The expo is filled with more than 380 leading industry suppliers and the latest and greatest tools and technologies, all ready to help us solve our organization’s biggest challenges.

See you all there.

Saurav Dhyani
#UserGroupSummit, #NAVUGAcademy


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