Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Highlights from First Ever - #DirectionsVirtual.

Hi Readers,

Today First ever #DirectionsVirtual kicked off. Due to Covid this event was switched to being virtual. 

As expected its a great session, to network and hear great about product. #directions4partners is combination of Directions EMEA and Directions Asia.

I am participating this year and trying to be presenter. During my session recording I learned that I am not a camera friendly person. 

But so much about me, lets talk about some news that is for everyone from Day 1 of Virtual Directions.

#Directions2020 #directions4partners

Lets start from Attendees for #directions4partners.

A total of 2775 attendees, 24 sponsor from 60 countries. Out of these attendees 30% are First Time attendee. 

What's in store #directionsvirtual?

  • Three Keynotes.
  • 101 Speakers.
  • 147 Sessions. 

Let's talk about Business Central SaaS?

As of today -  

  • Microsoft confirmed that 10,000 Customers (not users) using Business Central SaaS.
  • A total of 1,000 apps on AppSource.

** These numbers are only for BC Online not on-prem.

Business Central Availability. 

Currently Business Central is available in following countries. 

Lets talk about Business Central Availability in Next Release.

In Next release Microsoft will be available in 04  countries - Romania, Greece, Turkey & INDIA.

What's new in Administration, Storage and Environment - 

With Business Central 2020 Wave 2, Microsoft have added multiple features including Retention management and Feature Management.

What's new Debugging and Troubleshoot? 

With Business Central 2020 Wave 2, You can now Debug a specific session using Debug snapshot. Other than debugging you can get more insights using Enhanced Telemetry, Page inspector enhancements and using performance toolkit.

You have a great Idea for product -  Develop it with Microsoft?

If you want to contribute to the base application, using GitHub you can contribute to the base application.

Mobile Client?

Now Mobile client, supports to work with Cloud Sandbox and also on-Prem Business central.

Additionally you can now actually install business central modern client in your windows operating system.


With Business Central 2020 Wave 2, You can integrate business central with Teams and CDS.

Printing Enhancements?

Printing is one of the common feature that everyone wanted enhancements. Microsoft now support Universal print with Business Central.

Read More about Universal Print Here.

Worried about performance ?

Microsoft is continuously working on enhancing the performance of the product. Additionally there are tools which will help you to narrow it down the cause of the performance issues.

Are you are Report Developer?

Microsoft is going to support Report Extension in future to do additive changes in Dataset and request page.

Last but not least lets talk about Roadmap for Business Central?

Hope you find the information useful. 

Stay connected.

Saurav Dhyani


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