Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Upgrade From Classic To RTC - Issue with Line Feed and Horizontal Tab (Version 3.0)

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Today I would like to discuss an Update on a Old Article which discuss the resolution for issue that we have during upgrade from Navision Classic Client to Navision RTC Client.

Old Article Reference 

What is the issue ? 
The Issue is with the data having Line Feed & Horizontal Tab.

On Which Fields the issue is?
The major issue is with the Primary key field. On Fields other than primary key it doesn't make much of the difference.

How we can resolve it ?

We discussed the Possibility in Last Article By Considering the Ordinal Position 21 in SQL Database as that is the Max Size of Navision Key.

Why Updated Version 3.0 ?

The Query was bit slow as it used to Check for all First 21 Fields, But that doesn't make any sense in case of Ledger Tables Like -

 > G/L Entry.
 > Customer Ledger Entry.
 > Vendor Ledger Entry.

And Others, as the Primary key of these Tables is Entry No Which is an Integer Field and the Query will take more time to display the Output.

With Help of  Mr. +Taher BELHAJ AMOR  , who Put a Comment to Article and Share the Optimized Query with his SQL Knowledge. Thanks You Mr. Taher Belhak Amor.

How to use query, Refer the Old Article.

Hope the Query Helps. Please put your comments about the articles.

You can download the query from -

SkyDrive  (File Name - Identify_Special_Character_SQL_Query_V3.0.rar)


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