Friday, April 15, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Madeira - Findings and Clarity.

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More on Madeira Based on my Learnings on other Great Bloggers.

Do Not Confuse?

Project Madeira is Not Code Name for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Release.
Its a Code Name for Cloud Offering hosted by Microsoft within O365. Yes the code base is from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

More Details On Microsoft Site.

What About NAV Future Release?

Microsoft made it very clear that Dynamics NAV isn't going away. It is not being replaced by Project “Madeira". We will continue to receive new versions of Dynamics NAV.

Who Will Sell?

Project “Madeira” will be sold through Cloud Solution Partners (CSPs), and not sold directly by Microsoft.

How You Customize Madeira?

The Possible to have a custom Solution for your customer in Madeira is by customizing NAV Code base using extensions.

You Need to learn how to develop extension, which in turn require Events & Subscriptions. If you are unaware about how Extensions or Events & Subscriptions works then refer below links.

How to Develop Extension?
How to Use Events and subscriptions?

System Requirements for Madeira ?

Read it Here

Avilability -
As of Now Project Madeira is available in US only. But no Limitation for Preview, You can still you the Preview as per previous articles. You need to select country as US during configuration.

Stay Connected & Keep Reading.. Yet more to come.

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