Sunday, August 11, 2013

Navision SMTP Setup and Uses

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Let's discuss and try to find out uses of SMTP Related Objects in Navision.

A Navision Database contain following SMTP Objects -

Table - SMTP Mail Setup
Form / Page - SMTP Mail Setup
Codeunit - SMTP Mail

This article is part of the Series. Please Refer Table of Content here.

Form/Page is used to enter details in SMTP Mail setup table.

Here you can enter details related to Your SMTP Mail Server. This details will be used while sending mails via Navision.

Authentication Mode and other details will be based on your server.
Anonymous - is mostly used as Authentication mode.

Till NAV 2009 R2 Navision SMTP Mail Setup does not contain the port number. It used to use default port 25 for sending mails.

we will discuss in future about the hotfix that was released by Microsoft for Customized port till NAV 2009 R2.

With release of NAV 2013 Navision SMTP Setup contain a field Port Number, in case your smtp server is configured on a customized port.

Let's see what SMTP Mail Codeunit contains.

It contain most used function related for sending e-mails. Below is the list of functions.

1. CreateMessage - Create Message is used to create a E-mail.
2. Send  - Function for Sending E-mail.
3. AddRecipients  - Function for add recipient in E-mail.
4. AddCC - Function for add CC recipient in E-mail.
5. AddBCC - Function for add BCC recipient in E-mail.
6. AppendBody - Function for adding text in Body.
7. AddAttachment - Function to add attachment in e-mail.
8. CheckValidEmailAddresses  - Check Validity of multiple e-mail addresses.
9. CheckValidEmailAddress - Check Validity of Single e-mail address.

We will see usage of all these functions in future posts.

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