Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NAS - Email Intimation when NAS Services Stops.

Hi all,

A common question that we have in mind about NAS is - what happens if NAS Services are turned off?

We are mostly looking for something like a E-mail Intimation to Administrator.

This article is based on inputs provided by +Arul Venthan  and +Neha Pr .

This article is not for NAS Service only. This applies to all windows services and can be setup for any of them.
Concept -

1. Starting or stopping of NAS cannot be controlled by Navision.

2. The reason is simple NAS is a Windows Service and you cannot find the event of start or stop in NAV.

How to Setup ?

1. Open Control Panel and under Administrative Tools you will find Task Scheduler.

2. Open Task Scheduler and from Left Hand Menu Under Window Right Click and select Create Basic Task.

3. Provide Name and Description to the task and click Next.

4. Under Trigger Select When a Specific event is logged, click Next.

5. Under Next Window Select These -
   -- LOG - Application.
   -- Source - Service Name.
   -- Event ID - 7024 (Standard Event From Microsoft When Service Stops)

For Source in NAV 2013 and Later you need to specify the Service Instance used for running NAS, as shown below.

For Source in NAV 2009 and earlier you need to find the service with exact service name.
Service Name is not same which is diplayed in Services.msc. You will find it when you double click the service as shown below.

6. From Actions Select Send a Email.

7. In Next Window Enter the Email Details.

8. In the Next Windows Review the setting done and click finish.

9. Open Properties of the Job and set Run Weather the User is Logged in or not.

10. Now Change Status of Job From Ready to Running.

Let's try Stopping NAS Service Manually and check Email.

You are good to go.

Saurav Dhyani

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