Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Export to Excel - With Fixed Column Width / Row Height

Hi all,

This article is based on request from my friend  +Damith Shan Abeywicrema.

Hey, man below are the steps how you can achieve it.
Create a function in Excel - say Setwidth as shown below 

[CODE Start]

SetWidth(Type : 'Row,Column';RangeName : Text[30];Width : Decimal)

IF Type = Type :: Column THEN
  XlWrkSht.Range(RangeName).ColumnWidth := Width;

IF Type = Type :: Row THEN
  XlWrkSht.Range(RangeName).RowHeight := Width;

[CODE End]

call this function before giving control to user in report as shown below.

[CODE Starts]

ExcelBuffer.CreateSheet('Sheet 1','Column Width',COMPANYNAME,USERID);
ExcelBuffer.SetWidth(0,'1:5',20); // FOR ROW 1 TO 5
ExcelBuffer.SetWidth(1,'2:2',40); // FOR Column 2

[CODE Ends]

And here is the output that you will get.

I hope this resolves the issue that you have.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurav Dhyani

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