Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Send Test Mail Using Navision...

Hi all,

Let's see how we can send an E-mail message from Navision.

If you have gone through previous post, we will just be using function which were discussed in those posts.

This article is part of the Series. Please Refer Table of Content here.

Let's see what all we need -
  1. SMTP Server Settings.
  2. Sender Name.
  3. Sender Email.
  4. Receiver Name.
  5. Receiver Email.
  6. Subject & Body of the Mail.

I have added some fields in SMTP mail setup Table and forms as shown below.

I created a Codeunit for sending e-mail.

I have created a Menu Item for sending mail in customer.

Let's try to send the mail and here we got the mail.

In Next post we will send mail to customer with some details like Open Invoice entries from customer ledger entries.

saurav Dhyani


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