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How Job Queue works till Navision 2009 R2?

Hi all, Let's discuss Job Queue in Navision. If you filter Navision database(till NAV 2009 R2) with @*Job Queue* you will find - 5 Tables. 6 Forms & Pages. 2 Codeunits. as shown below.

Delete a language layer from database objects.

Hi all, During upgrade one of the conman issue is extra language in database objects.

NAS Installation Before NAV 2013.

Hi Readers, Let's see how to install NAS (Navision Application Server)  in this post. Remember - 1) Never Run NAS from NAS folder inside DVD, as it doesn't install its pre-requisites using this installation procedure. 2) Always use Auto run and Select Application Server to install. For demo I will be Using NAV 2009 R2 IN. This article is part of the Series. Please Refer  Table of Content here .

Report Export to Excel with Font & Colour

Hi all, As required by most of the Blog visitor here is a post for export to excel with Font Size, Font Color, Background Color and Font Name. If you are looking for the same solution in NAV 2013 R2 or any of the Role Tailored Client then  Refer Here for the Updated Article for NAV 2013 R2. Let's see how we can achieve them - 1. I have added some fields in Excel Buffer Table (370) listed Below.

Export to Excel - Delete Un-used Sheets.

Hi all, I know most of us know if but i still got queries where some of our colleges don't know how to delete the un-used sheets while add export to excel functionality in a Report. So if you know how to do it you can skip this article.

How to Check Available Object Range in License?

Hi all, As most of the reader may know this, but this is still a query from most of the new consultants. Query - I have customer license and I want to check the valid object range that have rights in the license file for all types of objects. Requirement - While creating a new object for a customer, we need to check that is the Object ID that we are using is a part of the license range that customer have purchased?

How to Save License in Navision Database?

Hi all, I know most of know this but still I am posting this because I was getting queries about it. * This post only applies to classic client. Scenario - While Testing a customization Developed for a customer? The Development team have completed their task and now internal testing need to be carried. The best way to test a customization is with the customer license. With this approach we will be able to find out the permission errors (to new objects) if any.