Saturday, August 31, 2013

Difference between Page Action and Control Action..

Hi all,

While adding actions to pages from view menu we find two options Page Actions & Control Actions as shown below.

Let's try to differentiate between these two actions.

The Page Actions are used for actions that we add in all the pages like list / card and other page types.

The control actions are only supported for Cue Group Control which are normally use on role center page.


If you want to show standard pages where control actions exist open a page with Cue Group.
* you will find such pages in Role Center Page as parts.

Let's see a sample page 9060 - SO Processor Activities.

Design the page, Navigate to last line check Page Actions & Control Action , you will not find any actions.

Now Select to Cue Group Line and open Control actions. You will find control actions that you see in Role Center Page next to Cubes as shown below.

Open Control Actions as shown below -

Control actions as shown below -

These actions can be seen on role center page -

I hope this article help someone.

Saurav Dhyani

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