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#msdyn365bc - How Do I Develop a Custom API Page?

Hi Readers, As discussed in last article we will start develop API Page for integration from #msdyn365bc or #MSDynNAV. If you want to see other articles in this series please refer here . API Pages are for integration purpose and cannot be used in the client for users access. There are specific rules need to be followed during development of API Pages.

#msdyn365bc - Say Hello to Base64 Convert?

Hi Readers, In last article we created tables and pages required to store attachment in #msdyn365bc or #msdynnav. If you want to see other articles in this series please check here . In this article we will understand How to use Base64 Conversion in #msdyn365bc and #msdynnav.  To transfer files, we cannot do it as a file but Base 64 can help us to do the magic.

#msdyn365bc - New Tables to store Attachments?

Hi Readers, As discussed in last article we will start the Integration to store or retrieve attachments from #msdyn365bc or #MSDynNAV. If you want to see other articles in this series please navigate here . In this article we will create tables and pages that will be required for the integration. The table is used to save values that are added via Integration entity that we will create later.

#msdyn365bc - New Series about Integration?

Hi Readers, In recent times I have heard many questions about Integration of Business Central.  With Business Central there are multiple ways to handle integration and In this series I will try to cover two of them. API Integration. Web Service Integration. In this series we will understand how you can actually send out and bring in attachment to Business Central.

#msdyn365bc - How Do I Add Field in Table Fieldgroup?

Hi Readers, Yesterday while reviewing a Upgrade Merge to 2020 Release Wave 2, I encountered a custom which was left during merge process. Using Azure Develops I updated developers and the reply was that its not possible to add fields in base table filegroups.  I thought this might be something that other developers are also following. Please read till end. At the end of the article I have listed best practices and other things to remember regarding Field Groups.

#msdyn365bc - Changes related to Reports in 2020 Wave2.

Hi Readers, In series of articles about What's new in Business Central 2020 Release Wave2, in this article we will see what changes are done for Reports. This article we provide all different ways that we can set these soft limits for Report Executions in business central. Report performance and easier to access are two areas that Microsoft worked during this release.  This also adds an extra step for developer to make sure that performance of the reports is within the soft limits.

#msdyn365bc - Getting Started with Building Apps?

Hi Readers, As we all Dynamics NAV Developers are trying to constantly upgrades ourselves to #msdyn365bc developers. We all understand that having Apps available on AppSource is the future for all of us. As of today there are 1113 apps available in AppSource for Business Central. With this change as we are learning we also need to understand How do I build Apps for Business Central.  As we are learning it and trying to build apps for the community we should also try to keep our development methodology align with Microsoft.

#msdyn365bc - Delete extension data.

Hi Readers, In this article we will test out a new feature released with 2020 Release Wave 2. With this feature, administrators can delete extension data in production or sandboxes, either because an application is not in use or, more commonly, because there is a desire to reinstall it from scratch without data—for example, after testing or trial. This is important feature for SaaS customers as size of database is important and removing data which is not required is important to keep tenant clean and also keep database size reduced.

#msdyn365bc - How to access SQL database inside docker container ?

Hi Readers, This is one of the common questions that is asked so many times.  Question - How can I access my database inside Docker Container in SQL Server Management Studio? There are situations where you would like to see data stored in SQL Server that is mapped for the docker container.  There can be multiple reasons to have access the SQL Server. In this article we will see how easy it is to access SQL Database mapped to docker container.

#msdyn365bc - Copy journal function on Posted General Journals.

Hi Readers, The 2020 release wave 2 delivers a set of features which are requested by customers and Partners. In this article we will discuss about one of such feature which was added in Business Central based on Idea summited. In this article we will discuss about that feature as a process and technically.  After this article I hope you will be able to use and also understand how to technically handle customs with respect to General Journal.

#MSDyn365BC - Enabling Upcoming Features Ahead of Time.

Hi Readers, With #MSDyn365bc 2020 Release Wave 2 , Microsoft have enabled a New feature called "Feature Management". In this article we will understand -  How administrators can turn on new features using the Feature Management page.  What we need to take care before enabling new feature in Business Central.

#MSDyn365BC - What's New in 2020 release wave 2 Administration?

Hi Readers, The 2020 release wave 2 delivers a set of features that are designed to simplify and improve the way partners administer tenants, and the way administrators carry out administration tasks for licensing and permissions. In this article, we will list down what's new in #Msdyn365bc 2020 Release Wave 2 administration is summary. If you would like to understand more about any of the topic listed below, Please let me know as comment to this article.

Setup Base Calendars in #MSDynNAV & #MSDyn365bc.

 Hi Readers, In last week #bcopendiscussion  we discussed about Base Calendars. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central one of the feature that is not much talked about is Calendars. With this feature you can define your working and non-working days which will also help in date calculations in Business Central.   The main task in setting up a new base calendar is to specify and define the non-working days that you want to apply. In this article, we will discuss about steps to setup Base Calendar.

#MSDyn365BC Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Tenant - Compress Tables?

Hi all, In Part 1 and Part 2 we discussed about few ways to Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Database that includes - Delete unused companies Delete documents Use retention policies Migrate BLOB data types to Media or MediaSet In this article, we will understand a Compress Tables Feature with Business Central.

#MSDyn365BC Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Tenant - Part 2?

Hi all, In Last article we discussed about some quick ways to delete unused data from the system using standard Microsoft Batches. I Hope you also feel in the same way as I do about cleaning up database to keep it manageable, easier to Upgrade and Upgradable to BC Online. Clean Data also increases the performance of code.  In this article, we will try to understand what else is in store for clean-up data in database.

#MSDyn365BC Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Tenant - Part 1?

 Hi all, We all understand that our customer databases size increases as we use Dynamics NAV or Business Central. We as partners are not the right person to suggest you which data is important for your business. At same time we understand that there is a size limit in Business Central Online. We as customers & partners need to start thinking about data that we can remove to reduce our database sizes.

#MSDyn365BC 2020 Wave 2 - Data Audit System Fields.

Hi Readers, In this series of articles we will discuss about what's new in the product with Business Central 2020 Wave 2. With Business Central 2020 Wave 2 (V17), Microsoft have added Data Audit System Fields in all Tables. In this article we will understand what that means and how developers can utilize these fields with AL Programming. #MSDyn365BC #BusinessCentral

#MSDyn365BC - Cash Receipt Journal Amount Fields?

 Hi Readers, A quick update about Cash Receipt Journal in Business Central. This changes applies from Business Central on-Prem and higher. Issue - Unable to see Debit / Credit Amount Fields in Cash Receipt Journal. Microsoft have changed which amount fields will be available in the Cash Receipt Journal. Best part is these changes are part of Setup, using which customer can decide which amount fields are required in Cash Receipt Journal Page.

Automated Testing with Business Central.

Hi Readers, I Just wanted to share this information in a blog and I think you can surely utilize this information with #msdyn365bc AL Development. With AL Development, using Automated Testing you can save time and cost during Extension Testing.  Automated Testing also makes refactoring & clean code processes easier and you will be able to test before and after refactoring. #automatedtesting, #msdyn365bc

How can I create Docker Container using New-BcContainerWizard?

Hi Readers, I am sure you would have heard that NAV/BC docker containers are changed with artifacts. In this article we will discuss how to setup docker container for Business Central new way. If you are not using dockers then complete these steps - Install Dockers . Install latest windows update. Enable Hyper V in Bios & Enable Hyper V in Windows .