Thursday, November 19, 2020

#MSDyn365BC Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Tenant - Part 2?

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In Last article we discussed about some quick ways to delete unused data from the system using standard Microsoft Batches.

I Hope you also feel in the same way as I do about cleaning up database to keep it manageable, easier to Upgrade and Upgradable to BC Online.

Clean Data also increases the performance of code. 

In this article, we will try to understand what else is in store for clean-up data in database.

Migrate BLOB data types to Media or MediaSet

Data in Media or Media set data types aren't counted in the database limit. As an extension developer, consider migrating data from blobs to the Media or MediaSet datatypes for your own extensions.

  • Data Stored in Blob is stored in Records and adds up to database size.
  • Data Stored in Media or MediaSet, is not stored in Records. Using Media and MediaSet, data is stored in system table 2000000184 Tenant Media or 2000000183 Tenant Media Set of the tenant database.
Each media object is assigned a unique identifier (ID) that act as a reference in the Source Record. Microsoft is already converting most of the Blob to Media Datatype. We as partners Developers Should Start doing same for our extensions.

Read More about Media and MediaSet in MSDN.

Use retention policies - 

Retention policies allow you to specify how frequently you want Business Central to automatically delete outdated data in tables that contain log entries and archived records.

With Retention Feature, Administrators can define retention policies to specify how frequently they want Business Central to delete outdated data in tables that contain log entries and archived records. 

Policies can include all data in the tables that is past the expiration date, or you can add filter criteria that will include only certain expired data in the policy.

In Next article in this series We will discuss about other possibilities that we have to keep our database size within permissible limit.

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