Monday, December 7, 2020

#msdyn365bc - New Tables to store Attachments?

Hi Readers,

As discussed in last article we will start the Integration to store or retrieve attachments from #msdyn365bc or #MSDynNAV.

If you want to see other articles in this series please navigate here.

In this article we will create tables and pages that will be required for the integration. The table is used to save values that are added via Integration entity that we will create later.

We will add a table to store Attachments with following fields.

  • Code 
    • Type - Code.
    • Length - 20.
    • Code is the Primary key of the table.
  • File Extension.
    • Type - Text.
    • Length - 30.
    • This field will store File extension, which will be used when you try to download attachment for Dynamics NAV or Business Central.
  • Attachment.
    • Its a Blob Field, which will store the attachment.

We need to have the File Extension keyed in for the record, so that it will be used during exporting the file. Without file extension downloaded file will be correct but you cannot access the file using installed program. 

For user access we also will add pages. We will add two pages - 
  • List Page.
  • Card Page.
List page will have all the fields from the table (as shown below).

Card Page will have all fields from table and additional one Text field "Base 64 Value".
  • This field will be used to temporarily store the value that then will get converted to Attachment.

In next article we will add functions to upload and download attachment from Bit64 value.

Stay Tuned. Let me know your views as comment to this article.

Saurav Dhyani

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