Monday, December 7, 2020

#msdyn365bc - New Series about Integration?

Hi Readers,

In recent times I have heard many questions about Integration of Business Central. 

With Business Central there are multiple ways to handle integration and In this series I will try to cover two of them.

  • API Integration.
  • Web Service Integration.
In this series we will understand how you can actually send out and bring in attachment to Business Central.
other than Just Integration this series will also discuss about Bit64Conversion

To follow along with this series you will need - 
  • Dynamics NAV / Business Central Installed / Docker container / BC Online Sandbox.
  • Visual Studio Code Installed. Download Link
  • Postman. Download Link

Table of Content - 
This series code-base is available in GitHub and can be used in #Dynamicsnav or #msdyn365bc version.

This is a questions during one of our #bcopendiscussion from @tanya_kharbanda so if you learned and used something from this series all thanks to Tanya.

You can also watch recording of #bcopendiscussion where we actually test this process. 

Part 1 - 

Part 2 - 

Please add comments to the article, as your suggestion and questions.

Saurav Dhyani

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