Wednesday, October 14, 2020

#MSDyn365BC - Cash Receipt Journal Amount Fields?

 Hi Readers,

A quick update about Cash Receipt Journal in Business Central.

This changes applies from Business Central on-Prem and higher.

Issue - Unable to see Debit / Credit Amount Fields in Cash Receipt Journal.

Microsoft have changed which amount fields will be available in the Cash Receipt Journal.

Best part is these changes are part of Setup, using which customer can decide which amount fields are required in Cash Receipt Journal Page.

What is Changed?

When you open Cash Receipt Journal Page in Business Central 14 and higher you only see Amount Fields as shown below.

If you need to use other Amount Fields, then you need to update General Ledger Setup.

Open General Ledger Setup and choose more in General Tab. Choose Show Amounts as per your required.

Show Amount Options - 

  • Amount Only
    • Default option.
    • Will show only Amount and Amount Local Currency.

  • Debit / Credit Only
    • Will display Debit and Credit Amount.
    • Will not display Amount & Amount Local Currency.

  • All Amounts
    • Will display Debit Amount and Credit Amount.
    • Will also display Amount and Amount Local Currency.

Below is the screenshot of General Ledger Setup. 

Hope this helps.

Stay Connected, there is more to come.

Saurav Dhyani

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