Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Automated Testing with Business Central.

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I Just wanted to share this information in a blog and I think you can surely utilize this information with #msdyn365bc AL Development.

With AL Development, using Automated Testing you can save time and cost during Extension Testing. 

Automated Testing also makes refactoring & clean code processes easier and you will be able to test before and after refactoring.

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Automated Testing is not something new with Business Central. Microsoft have added automated testing in Dynamics NAV 2009 and Higher.

If you haven't used it till now, its right time to utilize power of automated testing with all the new extensions that you are writing.

Now the question How can I start with Automated Testing?

I will start with two steps -

  • Start Reading about Automated Testing?
    • Luc van Vugt is the first name that you will find when you search for Automated Testing.

    • You can read all his great work in his blog.

    • That's not all Luc have also written a great book for beginners.

  • Start Writing them to be expert with Automated Testing?
    • My Style of learning something new is to start trying it.

    • When I get stuck in a situation, then I go back to Book and understand how to do it.

Next week October 17'th 2020, we will be talking again about automated testing. Join us if you want to learn about #automated testing.

If you plan to join the next session, then I would request you to watch the recording for the first automated testing session.

We all would love to see in continued discussion #bcopendiscussion. If you cannot be there please do watch recording on YouTube after the session. 

If you have thoughts about other scenario with automated testing please add those details in the question section during registration and as we go along we will cover those scenarios. 

Registration Link - https://bit.ly/bcopendiscussion 

Registration Ends - 16'th Oct. 2020 - 03:00 PM IST

Keep learning and sharing.

Saurav Dhyani

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