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NAV 2013, NAV 2009 R2, NAV 2009 SP1 & NAV 2009 on Same Machine with Same Ports

Hi all, As discussed in my most of the Earlier post when we install NAV 2013, it is the best practice to Uninstall all previous version that are installed. Reason - When we install multiple versions of Navision after 2009 and try to run the object from the object designer it gives us an error message. Today we will be discussing the extended part of the Posts - 1)  NAV 2009 SP1 and R2 on Same Machine 2)  NAV 2009 SP1 & R2 on same machine with Issue Resolution As new version of NAV, i.e NAV 2013 have been released so we need to change some of the setting.

Port Sharing in NAV 2013

Hi all, After installing NAV 2013, the Port 7046 is blocked for NAV 2013 Management services. Earlier till NAV 2009 R2 we can create services for NAV 2009 and NAV 2009 SP1 on the same port by enabling TCP Port Sharing service. But when we try same after installing NAV 2013 it gives an error.

The Breakpoint Already Exist...

Hi all, Just a quick post. Most of time we get a error message "The BreakPoint Already Exist" Error Message in Navision. The Error message is due to - "During testing the process by Technical Consultant we put breakpoints to test the value at that particular instance. One of my user reported this error which he was getting during execution of Job in Event Viewer. So now how can i remove all the breakpoints that i have applied, as i might have applied into multiple objects into multiple places.

Add Image in RTC Reports?

Hi all, I think I got late with this post, but I was unaware that most of us still don't know how to add reports in Role Tailored Client Reports. So let's have a look on the same. For the demo purpose I will use standard report with ID 111.

NAV 2013 Credential Type - How to Use?

Hi all, Please do these activities when you have time, its a long activity and i would suggest do all activities in one go. So be clam and lets start. For NAV 2013 R2 Refer Here. For NAV 2016 Steps have been Reduced Please Refer Here. I have installed NAV 2013 and its work great with my windows credentials. I was checking the service console (Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration) in NAV 2013 and found out that Credentials Type have multiple Options.

NAV 2013 Upgrade Part IV - SQL Migration.

Hi all, While Release of NAV 2013, we had some new things but some old things became obsolete and cannot be used with this version of Navision. One of them that effect most of the customer is Support to NATIVE Database . So today we will discuss about Native to SQL Migration which is one of the steps during upgrade to NAV 2013.

NAV 2013 Upgrade Part III - Data Upgrading.

Hi all, As per agenda we need to discuss the data upgrade in NAV 2013. The process is similar to what used to be till NAV 2009 R2 but with some changes. Let's start the process. Remember -  1) You can only upgrade a database to NAV 2013 from NAV 2009 SP1 / R2 SQL Only. 2) The Synchronization of users with SQL Server is no more required.

You are not authorized to sign in. Verify that you are using valid credentials and that you have been setup as a user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Hi all, while creating a database in NAV 2013 or during upgrade we sometime forget to add our own windows login into the database. Result of same is that we are unable to access the database anymore. Till NAV 2009 R2 we used to add the login from the Native Client but with NAV 2013 user creation have also being moved to RTC Client. So it was a tedious task to repeat activities again :(. Below listed steps will delete all the existing users from the database but if you don't want to do that and just want to add your login in the database please follow the related post . If you are using NAV 2013 R2 or Higher Please refer this article.

NAV 2013 Report Header Doesn't get Printed.

Hi all, During working on NAV 2013 Report, i faced an issue. The issue was weird so i thought sharing same with all of you. I created a report with all the same techniques that we used to use till NAV 2009 R2. Everything was fine and was previewing fine. Just for your information while creating Report Header and Footer i used GetData and SetData as we used till now.

NAV 2013 Study Material Released..

Hi all, Finally the most awaited Reading Material have been released by Microsoft. NAV 2013 Readiness Material is now available for download in Partner source. Click here for all Reading Material, Just filter as shown below -

The date format is incorrect in an Excel worksheet when you export in excel via RTC Client

Hi all, Today i created a processing only report in navision classic client which used to pull some data into excel. The format contain the date fields too. Now while running that report from classic client it works great but while running report from RTC client the date format was incorrect. If the report would have the field then i would have changed the date format in the RTC Report layout but that was not the case.

Unhandled thread exception caught. Exception while trying to create an instance of the Dynamics NAV integration pages

Hi all, After installing  Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with CRM and during configuration we get below error message. Unhandled thread exception caught. Exception while trying to create an instance of the Dynamics NAV integration pages

NAV 2013 Upgrade Part II - Upgrading the Standard Objects.

Hi all, As discussed in previous post about  upgrading the customized objects , let's move ahead and see how to upgrade the standard objects. As the old standard process of Upgrade suggested by Microsoft, we need to compare and merge the changes in target. Lets see the steps for the same. The steps listed below may not be followed by all during upgrade but for me i find these steps the best way to upgrade which do leave any issues.

NAV 2013 Upgrade Part I - TextFormatUpgrade2013 Tool

Hi all, HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL THE READERS. Let's Talk about upgrading process to NAV 2013.  As we all know the pre-requisite version to upgrade is NAV 2009 SP1 / R2 and we all know how to upgrade from any older version to NAV 2009 SP1 / R2. I will break down upgrade process to NAV 2013 to multiple Post - 1)  Upgrading the customized Objects. 2)  Upgrading the Standard Objects. 3) Data Migration from SQL To SQL. 4) SQL Migration (as native database support is closed). Let me know if anyone require other information other then above listed points, will include them too.

Action Image in Navision 2013

Hi all, While Developing Pages for Role Tailored Client we face issues when we create an action an set its prompted to true, and want an image for the action. Below is the screenshot of the page property where we set the image for an action in NAV 2013. Now for the image till NAV 2009 R2 Microsoft doesn't provide a list or look up we need to type in name of the image we want to use. so how can we find the name of image that we want to use.

Action Image in Navision 2009, 2009 SP1 & 2009 R2

Hi all, While Developing Pages for Role Tailored Client we face issues when we create an action an set its prompted to true, and want an image for the action. Below is the screenshot of the page property where we set the image for an action.

Navision 2013 Sharepoint Client Installation & Configuration Errors

Hi all, While installing Sharepoint 2010 For Running Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Sharepoint client. During installation  Microsoft Sharepoint 2012 we get many errors. I will be keep this post updated will all those errors and resolution for those errors. Currently i got below listed error so for now below is the error and resolution.

Conditional Colouring in NAV 2013 Pages

Hi all, As we were facing problem in Role Tailored client till NAV 2009 R2 about the colors. Customer wanted conditional coloring of rows based on some condition but was not possible in Role Tailored Client. With NAV 2013 Microsoft have come up with a level of Conditional coloring  yeah still have some limitations. The number of colors that are supported are fixed. Let's see how is it there - I was just checking pages in NAV 2013 and seen this. If you remember a property of Field in Page i.e StyleExpr which used to have value True or False is now have been changed and can take variables as value. Just have a look in Page Customer Ledger Entries, Field - "Document No." . Below is the property for the field. So the property have value StyleTxt which sets onAftergetrecord() and get value from function setstyle as shown below. Then i navigate to Table 21 Cust. Ledger Entry for the function definition and below is the code written in the function

Error 47-1 During Export Objects as Text

Hi all, Sometime we face an error message while exporting objects as Text file, but when we try to export as .fob it works fine. Today i require to compare some object so i needed them in text file, when i tried to export as text i get below listed error. There are errors in the text conversation (text no. 165-205 does not exist in the .stx file). Internal error: 47-1 Reason of Error - The reason of the error is due to objects version conflict. The objects which i was trying to export as text file are of higher version and were in the older version of database. In my case the objects were from NAV 2009 SP1 and were in NAV 5 SP1. Resolution of Error - 1) Export the objects into .fob format. 2) Create a new temporary database in new version. 3) Import the exported objects into new created database. 4) export objects into text file. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Run XMLPORT in Navision Before NAV 2013

Hi all, For Running a XML PORT in Navision Before NAV 2013, we can do that via a codeunit. Below is the sample of execution of Xml Port via a codeunit. Variables in Codeunit Name                                 DataType _Filev                                 File _DatafileOutstream                 OutStream Selection                                 Integer _DatafileInstream                 InStream

Hyper Link to a Page from a Report.

Hi all, As we see in last post how to expand-collapse in Navision RTC report . In the same report we will now try to add Hyperlink to the item Number. So that on clicking on the item number in the report, the item card will get open in edit mode. Let's see how to do it. Taking Report 1001 (Inventory Valuation) Report for Demo. 1) Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Environment. 2) Design Report 1001. 3) In C/AL Global add a new variable.      a) Name - ItemRecRef, Datatype - RecordRef. 4) Now i will add code in the data item to get item. 5) Goto Pre-data of Item and write following line of code.       a) ItemRecRef.OPEN(27); 6) Goto OnAfterGetRecord of Value Entry add following line of code.       a) ItemRecRef.SETPOSITION(Item.GETPOSITION); 7) Add a column in Report Desing for Item Table.       a) DataSource - FORMAT(ItemRecRef.RECORDID,0,10), Name - Item_Rec_Ref_Val 8) Now open the Report Layout in Visual Studio. 9) Goto TextBox Properties of =F

NAV 2013 Query

Hi all, Let's try to create a new query (new object released with NAV 2013) and use that query in a chart. For example suppose i want to display the Top 10 item by sales in a period say last 10 days. I will open the developer environment of NAV 2013 and start creating a query. As i require Top 10 items my data items will be Value Entry and Item . From these tables i will require Item Sales Amount (Actual) and Item Description to display on the chart. Below is the screen shot of how my query look like. As i require Total of Sales Amount Actual i added the method type as Totals and Method as SUM  and i grouped the Query by Item No. For Filtering based on date i used posting date from Value entry table . Let's try to run the query and see the output. As you can see in the output of the query above that it returns the First 1000 Rows which is not required in my case. So let's go back to query and go to query properties  Here as shown below i w

Zetadocs Express For NAV 2013

Hi all, Zetadocs Express has been updated for use with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Windows client. Zetadocs Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available for the following NAV Databases:   AU-NZ, NA, DK, FR, DE, IN, IE, IT, NL, ES, GB, W1, AT*, BE*, FI, NO*, PT*, SE, CH* Zetadocs for NAV 2013 include following Features - Document Drag & Drop -  This action automatically uploads the document to Microsoft SharePoint Online and links it to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Record. Choice of Client -   Users can store, view and access documents from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV RoleTailored Client or from Microsoft SharePoint Online . Basic Document Approval -   Allows the approval status of documents to be seen within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Approving managers are prompted by email, as with any Microsoft SharePoint workflow* Save & Send PDF -   Enables users to email a report as a PDF attachment, filing a copy of the report automatically in Microsoft SharePoint Onlin

Expand - Collapse Feature in NAV RTC Reports

Hi all, This feature is there from NAV 2009, sorry i am late but still most of us don't know about this feature. Below is the demonstration of how to do it in NAV 2013. I have taken a standard report "Inventory Valuation"  for the Demo Purpose. Below is the standard report output - Now i went to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Development Environment, and designed the report. Opened the layout of the report. Now i selected the body part of the report and went to group properties. I just changed some properties in the Visibility tab of the group, as shown below. And here is the output of the report after i saved and executed it again. So it was nice and easy to do expand and collapse in RTC Report. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

NAV 2013 First Error with License

Hi all, After installing NAV 2013 RTC client doesn't get connected and throws the below error message. Your program license does not permit you to run this version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment.  Contact your system administrator to upgrade your license.  Reason For Error I got this error because i have my old developer license (Developer License For NAV 2009 R2) uploaded on SQL Server. The license does not support NAV 2013. Resolution There   are two ways to resolve the error - 1) For temporary solution import demo License file on the SQL Server that as shipped with NAV 2013 DVD. 2) For Permanent Soultion download the latest license file from Microsoft VOICE and upload that on SQL Server. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

NAV 2013 Released For Group I

Hi all, Finally the wait is over. Yesterday Microsoft has released NAV 2013 from Group A Countries. Below is the list of Group A Countries. AU-Australia CA-Canada DK-Denmark FR-France DE-Germany IN-India IT-Italy MX-Mexico NL-Netherlands NZ-New Zealand ES-Spain SE-Sweden UK-United Kingdom US-United States W1    NAV 2013 can be downloaded from the link . It would require a Partner source login. But there is some issues in downloading the same.I got an error message while trying to Download. MBS File Exchange Access Denied. If you feel you received this message in error please contact Hope we will be able to download soon. Enjoy... Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Replacement of JET Reports

Hi all, While reading today in Microsoft Website about new features of Microsoft and guess what i found. Power Pivot an replacement for Jet Reports. It connects to SQL Database in the same way but i don't know about the License but it don't have those issues which we have for JET Report License Issue. Power Pivot can be downloaded From here .

NAV 2013 Latest Updates

Hi all, This post is only for those who have a valid partner source Login. Microsoft Partner Source have a page which have a list of all the features that have been released till date for NAV 2013. This Page also contain a Excel File Named as Mega Map which contain Links for Videos for NAV 2013.

Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only.

Hi all, Sometime while trying to connect to Role tailored client we face an error message which says this - "Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only."

The Object File cannot be used with this version of the program.

Hi all, While exporting the objects in FOB format we sometime get the below error that says - "The Object File cannot be used with this version of the program."  I got this error while trying objects from NAV 2009 installed and trying to export the objects in FOB Format whereas the Text format export was working fine. After searching i found out that it was due to some exported objects of NAV 2013 lying at the same path. Once i removed those higher version FOB files from the location i was able to take backup on that location. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Debugging in NAV 2013 Client

Hi all, As most of us know that due to changes in version there has been changes in Debugging Process of Navision Process. Here are some screenshot of the debugger in NAV 2013 Client - For Activating Debugger we need to Start it from Classic or Developer Environment Client Option.

Debugging in NAV 2009,2009SP1 & NAV2009R2 RTC Client

Hi all, With the new client version of Navision the debugging process have also been changed. This post contain details of NAV 2009, NAV 2009 SP1 and NAV 2009 R2 RTC Client. First step is to Stop the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Service. Then we  need to don EnableDebugging in CustomSettings.config found here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service. Now start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Service. Now we have debugging enabled. Now start the RoleTailored client. This will take a bit longer to start up, because C# files are generated for each of the objects. (Pages, Codeunits, Reports etc.) - .cs files will be created. In this example I will make a codeunit with a simple message and add this to an action on the Customer list. Create a Codeunit. Ex. 50000 OnRun trigger place the following code: MESSAGE ('Debug test') Save and compile Codeunit 50000. Now let us add this codeunit to a action. Design page 22 and navigate to

Debugging in Nav 2009 R2 and Earlier Version of Classic Client.

Hi all, As most of us know that due to changes in version there has been changes in Debugging Process of Navision Processes. Let's start with the Orignal Debugging version of Navision i.e Debugging in classic client. In classic client the debugger was present in the classic client window itself under Tools Sections. Here are some screenshot of the debugger in classic client -

Functional New Functional Features in NAV 2013

Hi all, For keeping a log of the post for NAV 2013 below are some new features in NAV 2013. By Clicking on the link below you can redirect to the actual post in  Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog - VAT Rate Change Tool in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Cost Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Beta VM

Hi all, The most awaited Virtual Machine for Navision Consultants is now available on Microsoft Partner Source. For Downloading Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Virtual Machine, follow the link . Additional guidance and documentation around the Virtual Machine will be released shortly. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

NAV 7 / 2013 Client Installation..

Hi all, sorry for the delay, i was bit busy these days. Lets see how to install NAV 2013 Beta Demo Option and see how things changed in Navision. I will be using NAV 2013 W1 for the Demo - 1) RUN Setup.exe from the DVD.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 / 2013 Web Client

Hi all, Please make sure that u have installed Web client from the DVD web Client folder but it will not work by installing that way. Let’s see the steps how to install web client.       1) Please make sure that these components have been installed in your windows OS. For same go to Control Panel, Program and Features . Click from the left hand side Turn Windows features on or off.

NAV 2013 Sharepoint Client on Windows 7.

Hi all, Lets see how can we install Share point client on windows 7. We would require Share Point Foundation 2010 before installing navision Sharepoint Client. You can download Share Point Foundation from here . Run the setup after downloading the setup. If you are trying to install it in windows 7 as i am doing it, you might find error as shown below -

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Release

Hi all, Microsoft have shared the release date of NAV 2013 for Partners. We don't need to wait so long it will be available on 23 September 2012. Here are the complete details of event Click Here. So get ready to using NAV 2013 complete Version. Thanks & Regards, Saurav Dhyani

SQL Error System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: The operating system returned the error '32(The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.)' while attempting 'RestoreContainer::ValidateTargetForCreation'

Hi all, While Restoring a SQL Backup from SQL Server Management Studio sometime we get an error as shown below - System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: The operating system returned the error '32(The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.)' while attempting 'RestoreContainer::ValidateTargetForCreation' on 'C:\Program Files\SQL\Databases\\TestDB_2012_10.mdf'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo) Cause of Error we typed the name incorrectly during the file name creation in Restore Operation. Resolution  - Check out the file name in Option tab of Restore Database window. You would have put two \\ instead of one while specifying the path where file should get created. Below is the image of what i did - Thanks & Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Error: 5133 SQL Server while attaching the Database

Hi all, One of my friend reported an error while trying to attached a database received from client to SQL SERVER 2008 R2. The database received have only two files one is .mdf & second one is .ndf. while attaching database to the server he was getting below error - TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio ------------------------------ Attach database failed for Server 'XXX-XX--XX'.  (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo) For help, click: ------------------------------ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo) ------------------------------ Directory lookup for the file "G:\SQLLOG\NAV_D_CQPA_370B_Log.ldf" fa

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client has stopped working..

Hi all, some time we face issues when RTC Client Crashes. There can be multiple issues for the same. below is the screen shot for same. The Event Viewer Details for the Error is -.NET Runtime 2.0 Error Reporting. EventType clr20r3, P1 microsoft.dynamics.nav.client, P2, P3 4d030e65, P4 microsoft.dynamics.nav.client.ui, P5, P6 4d030e5c, P7 74e, P8 69, P9 k0r55xemoobpb22dbjzdn4p0sfjo3u25, P10 NIL. Below is the error message for same. Generally these issues comes due to issues in Role Center Pages in Navision 2009 and later. You can filter objects by using filter @*Role* in Pages. Below is the List of Pages in NAV 2009 SP1 IN Database. Case 1 - When the values in cues is negative. Then due to having a negative value in integer field crashes the client. These tables can be found by filtering tables in NAV 2009 & later by @*cue*. Below is the List of Tables in NAV 2009 SP1 IN Database. Most of the fields in these tables are flowfield, if by a

How to Disable ESC Key in Navision Classic

Hi all, Sometime User want to force the user to click on the Cancel button instead of pushing the Esc key. This can be done From in Navision from Tools Menu in Navision Menu and select Options. There is an option Close Forms On Esc which is by default set to YES, set it to No. Refer to screen below. This option will set the ESC Disabled for all objects. If we want to customize this for a specific form follow steps below - 1. In the form declare a Boolean variable i.e. OverwriteEsc. 2. Set the Cancel property of the Cancelbutton to No 3. In the OnPush trigger of the Cancel button and Ok button: OverwriteEsc := TRUE; 4. In the OnQueryClose Trigger of the form: EXIT(OverwriteEsc); Thanks & Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Restore a Database In SQL Server Managment Studio.

Hi all, Most of us are aware with Navision Backup but at the same time unaware of SQL Server Backup. So lets discuss how to restore a SQL Database backup. Let see the steps how to restore a SQL Server Database Backup.

Error 3154 - The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database.

Hi all, While Restoring Database on SQL Server Management Studio, some of us encounter an error i.e Error 3154- "The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database". Resolution for the error After selecting the database backup, goto option Tab from the Left Hand Side Menu and click on First Restore Option i.e Overwrite the existing database(WITH REPLACE) as shown in screen below. * Make sure that there is no database file exist at the path mentioned in RESTORE the database file as section  with same file name otherwise it will replace those files. For Reading How to Restore a database from scratch in SQL Server Managment Studio, read article here . Thanks & Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Table xxx is Locked by User XXX.

Hi all, Sometime client face issues while posting transaction that Table is Locked by a particular User. Yes, i know that if a user is Performing a huge transaction then it happens and we can identify that from File - Database - Information - Session Tab. Here we can get the User Name in Blocking User ID Field. But what if the Blocking user id is BLANK . What can be the reason of the Locking message that client users are getting?

Could not connect to the SQL database. (-2147467259 master ). This can be caused by insufficient permissions. Indirect permissions through Windows group memberships may not work as expected when User Account Control (UAC) is turned on.

Hi all, During Installation of NAV 2009 & Later, sometime we come across an error which says - Could not connect to the SQL database.  (-2147467259   master      ). This can be caused by insufficient permissions. Indirect permissions through Windows group memberships may not work as expected when User Account Control (UAC) is turned on. This error can be occured due to multile Reasons, so there are mutiple resoultion for the same. Resolutions - 1) Did u Run installer as Administrator (If Operating system is Windows 7)?     If not then try intalling using Run as Administrator. 2) Go to services.msc from RUN and check that SQL Server service is running or not. If not start the service and try intalling again. 3) Your Windows does not have sufficient priviledges on the SQL Server. Set up your account with the sysadm server role. Note, that you cannot rely on indirect permissions through Windows group memberships when Vista User Access Control (UAC) is turned on. T

NAV Report Export to Excel Number as Text

Hi all, While adding export to excel functionality into Reports sometime we face issues while sending numbers with Leading Zeros to excel. In My case customer wanted to export a Report to Excel. Report have first field as Item Number which have Leading Zeros. I created the report and below is the diffrence between excel and Navision Data. The issue at this point is that Leading Zero in Item No. have been skipped. Reason- Excel formatted the cell as integer, while formatting as intger excel removes leading zeros. Beacuse a number starts with zero dosen't make any sense. Resoultion- After seraching through blogs and articles i figurred out a soultion so that excel formats the cell as text not as integer. The solution is simple just to add four single quotes ('''') for the field which you want excel to format as text not as intger. Sample - EnterCell(Row, Column, '''' + "No.", FALSE, FALSE, FALSE); OR ExcelBuffer.Add

Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC The type 'Option' is unsupported for the min/max validation rule.

Hi all, After an upgrade to NAV 2009 RTC from classic client, a client locked an wiered issue. While accessing a page from Role center client he was getting the error message "The type 'Option' is unsupported for the min/max validation rule".  I checked the page, complied the page but no luck. I checked the tables too that there might be an option field as the message says something about option but no luck.I was not getting the resolution, so i started deleting the fields from page and i identified the field which was giving error. To my surprise it was a Option type of field. I went to properties and identified that the min value for the field have been set to Ship. I don't know why but when i cleared these two values from field properties, the page started working. Resolution - 1) Check the properties of Option Type Field In Table. 2) Check the fields in source table and remove the min & Max value for fields. 3) Remove the values