Monday, August 27, 2012

Debugging in NAV 2013 Client

Hi all,

As most of us know that due to changes in version there has been changes in Debugging Process of Navision Process.

Here are some screenshot of the debugger in NAV 2013 Client -

For Activating Debugger we need to Start it from Classic or Developer Environment Client Option.

This will open Session List Page, which displays all active session on that particular database.
In the image below you will find only one session because i am the only user connected to the database.

For Debugging any session, select the session from the list and click Debug. This will enable debugger.
I will open a new page as shown below.

As shown in image above the debugger is waiting for Break, on the right hand side you can see the Watch window and the Call Stack window in Factbox.

so where we are our other classic debugger options Break on Error?

Click on the Break Rules, you will find the option that we are looking for.

And guess what we have two more options - Break on Record Change ans Skip Codeunit 1.

Let's try again to Post a sales Order.

As there is no External Document Number in Sales Order we will get switched to Debugger window.

Now we are missing a only part that we had in classic client that is variables, so where is that.

Click on the variables and you will see the list.

You will find all variables values which were called before this point that is the best part of the new debugger.

If i move to another object in call stack and check the variables list i will still find all the variables in that object.

So now with this debugger we don't need to debug the whole process to see the variables. That's the best part i like about this debugger.

Enjoy Debugging :)

Saurav Dhyani

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