Monday, August 6, 2012

NAV 7 / 2013 Client Installation..

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sorry for the delay, i was bit busy these days.

Lets see how to install NAV 2013 Beta Demo Option and see how things changed in Navision.

I will be using NAV 2013 W1 for the Demo -

1) RUN Setup.exe from the DVD.

2) After accepting the License agreement you will get an option window for installing Demo or selective component. For demo purpose I would be considering the Demo installation.

It will take some time to install because it creates a instance in SQL Server named as NAVDEMO as shown in image below.

So if you are trying to find the database in SQL Server you will not find it where you used to find it earlier till NAV 2009 R2. You will find it under the New NAVDEMO instance named as  - Demo Database NAV (7-0).

Now let see under program files what it have installed.

As of previous versions we don’t have multiple folders like service, Role Tailored Client and others but we have only RoleTailored Client, OutlookAddin & Documentation. So where is the service?

Let’s open RoleTailored Folder and what we see is that it has our own FinSQL which under menu shows up as Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Development Environment. 

We also have a new Microsoft Common console Document named as Microsoft Dynamics Nav Server which will take care of our services. Let’s start the Microsoft Dynamics Nav Server console.

on the Right hand site of the panel we can create a  new service too.

But where the web client and share is point client.

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Saurav Dhyani

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