Monday, January 11, 2021

msdyn365bc - Enhanced Email Capabilities - Part 3.

Hi Readers,

Till now in this series - 

In first article of this series we setup the New Email Capabilities with Business Central. We also setup email scenarios with multiple emails right now. Read Part 1 Here.

In second article of this series we Tested email scenario with sending email. Read Part 2 Here.

In this last article we will see what else is available with enhanced email capabilities.

With Business Central 2020 Wave 2 one of the common feature that was missing on older version of emailing was the Email Logging.

In previous version of business central, once the email is send you have no history of emails. But with new email capabilities, Microsoft have added feature to log send emails.

Search and Open Send Email. This page will have log of all emails that were sent via business central.

You can also Resend the email from the same page and also Edit the email before you resend them. 

A email sent out of with new email capabilities look like as shown below.

Other than sending email via process you can also send email like outlook. You don't have to leave business central for sending email, you can send all your emails from business central client.

Just search for Compose an Email as shown below.

You can use fully fledged email client for sending emails.

Hope you like the feature and I was able to explain all the features available with enhanced email feature in business central.

Let me know your views as comment to this article.

Saurav Dhyani 


  1. Can we use this feature in on- premises also or not ? if yes please share steps to configure

    1. Yes you can use this feature in on-Prem also and steps will remain same.


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