Thursday, January 7, 2021

msdyn365bc - Enhanced Email Capabilities - Part 1.

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With Business central 2020 Wave 2 Microsoft have added an optional feature regarding Enhanced Email Capabilities.  

In this series of articles we will talk about setting up the enhanced email capabilities. But as I said earlier before turning a feature on in Feature Management make sure to Test in in Sandbox / docker environment. 

You might be using extension which are still relying on old SMTP Method and will be broken if you enable Enhanced Email Capabilities.   

Open Feature Management,  and Enable Feature Update: Enhanced Email capabilities for all users as Shown below.

After you login to your tenant again the new email feature is enabled and old SMTP is disabled. If you search for Email you will see new options in your tenant. 

To Start with open Set Up Email, which will help us to setup an email account.

This will invoke a wizard, to setup email account. Click Next.

There are multiple options to add a email account. If you plan to use Microsoft 365 & Current user you need to setup Azure Active Directory, as shown below.

You can also use SMTP (old way) which I will use for this demo. Select SMTP and click Next to Enter your SMTP Account Information as shown below.

You can setup a default account before you finish the Email setup. You can also sent Test Email if required.

You can check all Email Account by Navigating Email Accounts using Tell Me Feature.

Email Account page list all the email accounts that you have added and also provides you option to -

  • Add New Email Account.
  • Assign Scenarios To Email Account.
What is E-mail Scenarios?

E-mail Scenarios, are set of  areas in Business Central where email capabilities are added by Microsoft , ISV Extension  or Per Tenant Extensions.

You can define default Sender email Id for scenarios. You can attach multiple scenarios to an email account. 

In Email account window, Select Email account and then 
  1. Click on Email Scenarios.
  2. Then Choose Apply Scenarios. 
  3. Choose scenarios that you would like to attach.

Once you have setup email scenarios based on your requirement you will end up with a setup like below. For those email scenarios, the default email address will be used as shown below.

In next article, we will discuss how we utilize email feature with Business Central 2020 release Wave 2 and higher. 

Let me know your views as comment to this article.

Saurav Dhyani

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