Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Saurav Dhyani - Top Content of 2020.

Hi Readers,

Finally a Year that we wanted to be over globally is coming to an end. 

I always like to see the positive side of everything that happens in life and with this long year there is certainly thing have changed for me too.

When I start thinking what changed this year with respect to what I do for community I was amazed to see how much I have changed the way I am contributing. 

People that help me with all these contributions (all of you) are supposed to know where I was contributing to help each other next year. 

First of all Thanks to all of you for keeping me motivated and still engaged with what I do.

2020 Summary - 

Updated the website address from to
** There are still some old links that I am updating as you tell me. 

A Total of 352K readers from different countries and for the first time in last 9 years of writing I see more visitors from United States than India. 

Top 10 Blog 2020 (based on count)

I did tried recording Youtube videos this year, which I was not able to continue due to noise at my place. May be something that I will continue next year. 

I did record 34 videos, with 42.7K Views, Watch time of 3.0K and 443 Subscribers

I did presented in 5 web Session / Conference in 2020.

Got a chance to talk to Mark Smith about my journey. Tune in here to listen.

Last but not list, We started talking about business central on a weekly basis in #bcopendiscussion.
  • 25 Meeting in 2020 with 522 Registered and 207 Attendees
  • A Total of 80 Questions were discussed in 2020.
You can watch all #bcopendiscussion recording in YouTube Playlist.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

Thankyou all and please stay connected. We will make this community better together. 

Saurav Dhyani

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