Monday, June 3, 2013

Multiple Copies Classic & RTC with Report Page No. Reset with Each Copy - Part 1

Hi all,

I found lot of Queries about this, so lets try to do this. I Divide this article into three parts -

1) Enabling Multiple Copies in a standard Report - Classic. [This Article]
2) Enabling Multiple Copies in a standard Report - RTC.
2) Set Page X / Y in Multiple Copies printing Reports.

For the Demo i will be using Standard Report 16593 - Excise Invoice. This report have none
of the above listed points.

In this post we will try to use multiple copies options in this report, taking reference  Report 206 - Sales - Invoice.

1. Create a new DataItem With Name - CopyLoop after Sales Invoice Header.

2. Indent Other Data Items Below It to one more level as shown below.



3. Set Properties for Copy Loop Data Item as - New Payer per record to YES.

4. Change the Property of Integer Header as shown below.

5. Cut Code from Sales Invoice Header - Trigger OnAfterGetRecords.

6. Paste the code IntgerHeader - OnAfterGetRecords.

7. Also cut the line of InitVariables from Sales Invoice Header onAfterGetRecords and Paste it in IntegerHeader - OnAfterGetRecords.

8. Taking Reference from Report 206 - Copy and Paste Code in Copy Loop - onPreDataItem and Copy Loop - OnAfterGetRecords as shown below.

9.Create Variables as per compilation Errors as shown below.

10.Add option of No. of Copies in Request Form.

11. Add the Copy Text & OutputNo From Report 206 in Section as shown below.

12. Now lets Run the Report in classic. yeah it works as expected. But it doesn't work in RTC that way.

Let's see changes that need to be done in RTC in Next post.

Saurav Dhyani