Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Multiple Copies Classic & RTC with Report Page No. Reset with Each Copy - Part 2

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Let's Continue with the part that we left in last session (Reference Article 1)-

So we were done with classic report, let try to do same on RTC Too.

Again from taking reference from Report 206 we follow below listed steps -

1) Open Layout for Report 16593 - Excise Invoice.
2) Select the Table 1 in Body.
3) CUT IT.
4) From the tool bar select List and drop a list in Body.
5) Extend the size of List equivalent to the Body of the Report.
6) Paste the Table Cut in Step 3 back in body after selecting the list.
7) To Make sure that all above steps are done correctly, select table 1 and in properties window check the value at Parent Property. It Should be List 1 instead of Body as shown below.

8) Now Select the list and in properties click on Grouping.

9) Enter fields in Grouping  as shown below-

10) Create the Request Page as shown below.

Now if we try to print the report in RTC it behaves as expected but the page no are not synchronized.

If you have any issues you can find the report with modification discussed in Post 1 & 2, on my SkyDrive.
(FILE NAME - Report - 16593 - V2009 R2 {Multip Copy Classic & RTC))

These objects can be imported directly in NAV 2009 R2 IN.

In Next post we will see how to set the page no based on group and we will change the page no. format in RTC to Page X / Y reference article and we will see how to reset the page number based on No. of Copies.

Saurav Dhyani

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