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#msdyn365bc 2023 Release Wave 1 - Use Power Automate to post adaptive card or link to Business Central record.

Hi Readers,

In this series we are discussing what's new in Business Central 2023 (Wave 1) a.k.a BC22.

This article we will discuss about - Use Power Automate to post adaptive card or link to Business Central record.

With this series we will understand what's new the product and learn it. 

Hope you like the series, please add comments to article.

#msdyn365bc #2023RW1

Business value: 

Being able to blend Power Automate flows into conversations in Microsoft Teams allows for enriching conversations with useful insights.

Feature details:

Microsoft have introduced two new actions in the Business Central connector for Power Automate:


  • Generates a web client URL to a record.
  • Requires standard parameters like environment, company, system ID, and the ID of the page that will be referenced in the URL.
  • The generated URL can be used with the Get Adaptive Card action described in the next section.
  • Enables scenarios in products such as Outlook and Teams where a clickable URL to a specific record in Business Central is needed. For example, you want to send an email to a colleague with actionable information and a link to a Business Central record.

Get Adaptive Card

  • Creates an adaptive card for a provided URL. The card is delivered as a payload to be used with a Teams connector or elsewhere.
  • Reuses the adaptive card layout, content, and customizations known from the main product.
  • Respects the user permissions while accessing card details.
  • Enables more scenarios for integration with Teams where a rich card displaying a Business Central record is needed. For example, you want to post information and a link to a new sales order to an internal Teams channel.


Two New Business Central Actions are available with Business Central 2023 Release Wave 1.

Get URL - Can return you an URL for a business central record. This can be used to add in an email send from Power Automate.

Get Adaptive Card - Adaptive Card Require Get URL method, then you can send an adaptive card to a team's channel. 

For other articles related to What's New in Business Central 22, refer here.

Hope you learn and will be able to utilize this feature as Business Central 22 is available.  

Saurav Dhyani 


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