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#msdyn365bc 2023 Release Wave 1 - Shopify connector becomes extensible.

Hi Readers,

In this series we are discussing what's new in Business Central 2023 (Wave 1) a.k.a BC22.

This article we will discuss about - Shopify connector becomes extensible.

With this series we will understand what's new the product and learn it. 

Hope you like the series, please add comments to article.

#msdyn365bc #2023RW1

Business value: 

Tailor Shopify Connector to address the specific needs of your business.

Feature details:

  • Shopify Connector has been non extensible, but we're changing that. We're offering a few points of extensibility. We'll keep the number of points to a minimum so that we can follow the rapid development on the Shopify side without introducing breaking changes.
  • Microsoft is opening for extensibility for specific scenarios, based on feedback from our partners and customers. Note that even though extensibility is limited, you can submit improvements directly.

Following Events are available in #msdyn365bc 2023 Release Wave 1.

codeunit 30162 "Shpfy Order Events"

  • OnAfterModifyShopifyOrder
  • OnAfterNewShopifyOrder
  • OnAfterMapCustomer
  • OnBeforeMapShipmentMethod
  • OnAfterMapShipmentMethod
  • OnBeforeMapPaymentMethod
  • OnAfterMapPaymentMethod
  • OnAfterCreateItemSalesLine
  • OnAfterCreateSalesHeader
  • OnAfterCreateShippingCostSalesLine
  • OnBeforeProcessSalesDocument
  • OnBeforeCreateSalesHeader
  • OnBeforeCreateShippingCostSalesLine
  • OnAfterProcessSalesDocument
  • OnBeforeCreateItemSalesLine

codeunit 30177 "Shpfy Product Events"

  • OnAfterCreateItem
  • OnAfterCreateItemVariant
  • OnAfterCreateProductBodyHtml
  • OnAfterFindItemTemplate
  • OnAfterGetCommaSeparatedTags
  • OnAfterGetBarcode
  • OnBeforeCreateItem
  • OnBeforeCreateItemVariant
  • OnBeforeCreateItemVariantCode
  • OnBeforeCreateProductBodyHtml
  • OnBeforeFindItemTemplate
  • OnBeforGetBarcode
  • OnBeforSetProductTitle
  • OnBeforeFindMapping
  • OnAfterCalculateUnitPrice
  • OnBeforeCalculateUnitPrice
  • OnAfterUpdateItem
  • OnAfterUpdateItemVariant
  • OnBeforeUpdateItem
  • OnBeforeUpdateItemVariant
  • OnBeforeSendCreateShopifyProduct
  • OnBeforeSendUpdateShopifyProduct
  • OnBeforeSendAddShopifyProductVariant
  • OnBeforeSendUpdateShopifyProductVariant
  • OnAfterCreateTempShopifyProduct

codeunit 30115 "Shpfy Customer Events"

  • OnAfterCreateCustomer
  • OnBeforeCreateCustomer
  • OnBeforeSendCreateShopifyCustomer
  • OnBeforeSendUpdateShopifyCustomer
  • OnBeforeFindMapping
  • OnAfterUpdateCustomer
  • OnBeforeUpdateCustomer

codeunit 30196 "Shpfy Inventory Events"

  • OnAfterCalculationStock


  • table 30118 "Shpfy Order Header"
  • table 30119 "Shpfy Order Line"
  • table 30130 "Shpfy Order Shipping Charges"
  • table 30116 "Shpfy Order Attribute"
  • table 30127 "Shpfy Product"
  • table 30129 "Shpfy Variant"
  • table 30105 "Shpfy Customer"
  • table 30106 "Shpfy Customer Address"
  • table 30102 "Shpfy Shop"
  • table 30104 "Shpfy Tag"


Enum "Shpfy Mapping Direction" 
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Inventory Policy"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Product Status"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Risk Level"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Processing Method"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Financial Status"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Order Fulfill. Status"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Cancel Reason"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Customer State"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Customer Import Range"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Name Source"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy County Source"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Customer Mapping"
Extensible = True;

Enum "Shpfy Cr. Prod. Status Value"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Remove Product Action"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy SKU Mapping"
Extensible = false;

Enum "Shpfy Tax By"
Extensible = false;

Enum 30135 "Shpfy Stock Calculation"
Extensible = true;

For other articles related to What's New in Business Central 22, refer here.

Hope you learn and will be able to utilize this feature as Business Central 22 is available.  

Saurav Dhyani 


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