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#bcopendiscussion - Golden jubilee.

Hi Readers,

On Saturday July,17,2021 we completed Golden Jubilee of #bcopendiscussion.

#bcopendiscussion is a weekly online meeting that we started and discussed questions and common features in #msdynnav and #msdyn365bc.

This article is an celebration post about Golden Jubilee of #bcopendiscussion.

Thankyou all, attendees! 

Without you being part of these sessions I would not have been able to continue these sessions. You are the reason why #bcopendiscussion is still happening.

First Session - June,27,2020 attended by 2 people other than me. In all these sessions we discussed approx. 124 questions.

These sessions were great for me also to learn new things. Below is an image of what I was able to learn during these sessions and discussed in details during #bcopendiscussion.

Top 10 Watched Sessions - 

Automated Testing - Introduction - #bcopendiscussion.

Upgrade Concept - #bcopendiscussion

Automated Testing - Test Page & Assert Error - #bcopendiscussion.

What's New in #Msdyn365bc 2021RW1. - #bcopendiscussion

#bcopendiscussion - 2021-01-02 - Questions & Answers.

#bcopendiscussion - 2020-09-19 – BC SaaS File Management.

#bcopendiscussion - 2021-01-30 - Preprocessor Directives in AL. 

#bcopendiscussion - 2020-12-05 - Import Attachment via API.

What's New in #Msdyn365bc 2021RW1. #bcopendiscussion

#bcopendiscussion 12-June-2021 - Snapshot Debugging. 

We also understand that everyone will not be able to join #bcopendiscussion due to available time and different time zone. These sessions are also uploaded to YouTube later to watch session later.

Its super great to look the growth in Number of attendee for these sessions and as I always say in #bcopendiscussion that I will be happy to host these till there is 1 person to discuss stuff with me.

All Code segment is available in GitHub.

Hope to see you in next session if you can be there. Register Here. 

Thankyou all.

Saurav Dhyani


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