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#msdyn365bc - Teaching Tip.

Hi Readers,

This Week We will spend some time with what's new in #Msdyn365bc 2021 Release Wave 1. 

In this article we will understand about New Feature Teaching Tip.

You would have visited websites / apps which walk you through apps to Teach you how to use app/website. Even at later stage you can use the Teaching Mode to get trained again if you didn't did those steps in initial stage.

On Similar lines Microsoft have added Teaching Tip in #msdyn365c. The great part is that its completely extensible. 

I am sure we will be able to utilize it for helping new users joined with our customers to make life easier with Business Central.

What Available out of the box?

  • Open Business Central and from my settings you can enable / disable Teaching Tips.
  • Visit a Page where Tours are defined like - Posted Sales Invoices, Permission sets, users and others.
  • As Page get open the Tour Will start as shown below.
  • These steps will be visible when user visits for the First time.

    What Partners can do?

    Let's Assume a situation that you would like to extend this Tour and want to customize / extend the tour to provide details of all the fields available.

    • Open VS Code and Create a Page extension only for which you want to add / change the Tour.
    • Add Two Properties for each field that you want to add Teaching tip for -  
      • About Title - This will be the Bold part of the Tour that will be visible on the field.
      • About Text  - This will be the details of the Tour.
    • Publish Extension.

    Test Customize Tour -  

    • Open Users Page again.
    • Hover Over to the Page Name to Activate the Tour.

    • Customize Tour Will be visible.

    Additionally - You Can also overwrite base Tour About Text & About Title using Page Extension.

    Remember - 

    • If Teaching Tip is Enable in My Settings, then first time you visit a page where Teaching Tips are added system will start the Tour Automatically.
    • If Teaching Tip is Disables in My Settings, You need to click on Page name to activate the Tour if you want.
    • You can set Teaching Tip in following areas of Business central - 
      • Page, Page Action, Page Action Group, Page Field, Page Part, Page Group & Request Page
    • This feature cannot be extended via Page Customization for some reason.

    This was discussed in last #bcopendiscussion. Please find below the recording of #bcopendicsussion.

    Hope you understand and like the New Functionality of Teaching Tip and Usage Scenario for Same.

    Let me know your views as comment to article.

    Saurav Dhyani


    1. Really this feature is very useful for end user to understand product better or very easy way. Thank for sharing information.


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