Tuesday, February 9, 2021

GST Update for Indian Localization.

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GST is one of the major feature for Dynamics NAV Indian Localization. 

With latest cumulative update released for Dynamics NAV, Microsoft have added few localization changes related to Goods and Services Tax for India Localization.

In this article we will discuss steps and what is available with latest cumulative update.


Where is update available? 

Update is available with Cumulative Update 64 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 52091) for India Localization.

What features are available with Latest Update?
  • Incorrect GST values are in the Advance receipt from customer in FCY in the Indian version.
  • E-Invoice improvements are in the Indian version.
  • Invalid e-Invoice JSON was generated for sales lines with 100% discount in the Indian version.
  • The amount was not updated correctly in TCS Returns in the Indian version.
  • TCS amounts are calculating and updating incorrect FCY values in G/L entries and TCS entries in the Indian version.
  • Updated Demo Data in the Indian version.
What Objects are impacted?
  • Table - 37|81
  • Report - 16518
  • Page - 255|16436|16569|16579
  • Codeunit - 12|80|16401|16511|101014|101079|101098|101110|101230|101286|117555|166715|166717|166732|166813|166820|166821|166822
License Impact?
It may be necessary to update your license after you install this hotfix to gain access to new objects that are included in this or a previous cumulative update.

Download Hotfix?
Download link to download the latest cumulative update is available in this article.

Let's plan for applying cumulative updates for our customers. 

Hope this article helps you.

Saurav Dhyani


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