Friday, December 18, 2020

#msdyn365bc - Clean your app.json file?

Hi Readers,

This article is about a quick change during AL Development.

This change can be implemented starting Business Central 15.3 and higher. 

With Business Central 17 the Visual Studio code automatically apply these setting when you create a new apps. 

As we all understand, that we all extension need to have at least dependent on Microsoft default apps.

Microsoft’s Application app introduced with Dynamics 365 Business Central version 15.3.

This app encapsulates all the dependencies from the System Application and Base Application apps and provides an abstraction to protect AppSource and PTE extensions.

What does that mean?

  • Remove the direct dependencies to the Base Application and System Application.
  • Add the "application" property in the app.json file and provide here the minimum Microsoft Base Application version that your app is compatible with.

Without these changes
  • You will have symbols downloaded for 
    • Microsoft_Base
    • Microsoft_System
With these changes 
  • You will get one more additional symbol for  

You only need to depend from Application and all other dependencies are transparently inherited.

All extensions submitted on AppSource must respect this requirement. 

Please update your app.json file as soon as possible.

Saurav Dhyani

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