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msdyn365bc 2020 Wave 2 - India Preview Documentation.

 Hi Readers,

Information is flowing so quickly. I hope you are able to keep pace with all latest news.

In this article we will discuss about latest information available for India for #msdyn365bc 2020 wave 2.

As we all know that India Localization is only available as preview.

Detailed Documentation is added with features which are available and which are still under development is available in MSDN.

List of Feature availability - 

Tax Engine



TDS for Customer


Voucher Interface

Below are the list of features which are still under development. 

  • Fixed Asset Coming Soon
  • Subcontracting Coming Soon
  • Gate Entry Coming Soon
  • Stale Cheque Coming Soon
  • Capital Work In Progress Coming Soon
Keep an eye on MSDN Article.

Hope this article provides a heads up to test the product and update to Microsoft.

Saurav Dhyani


  1. Long and eagerly awaited features seems to be available now. Good to know this. It's a double whammy if certification is also available

  2. What does it mean only preview version?

    1. @vikas,
      It means its kind of beta release. In Future Microsoft will have product available.
      You can start using this release to start testing and also start developing extension against it.


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