Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Awarded for a 6th year as a Microsoft MVP (Thank you!)

Hi Readers,

I would like to Thank you everyone in this article.

Without you and your support this was impossible for me to continue be an Microsoft MVP for 6'th year.

On July 1st I had the great pleasure of being awarded for sixth year as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). It is truly a great honor to be awarded for another year.

#msdyn365bc, #mvpbuzz

I want to give a special shout-out to everyone who supports this blog. Your comments, your follows, your likes and your shares–they have all got me to this point. Thank you. 

I always tried and will keep trying my best to shared required information and answer all questions that you had and will have. 

I something was and will be delayed in replying to your queries but I am sure that you will understand my situation that I do community activities after fulfilling the job responsibilities that I have with @archerpoint.

I cannot speak on behalf of other MVP's but I am almost sure that other do that same.

A special thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, and employer. Thank you for your continued support and for challenging me to the best I can be. 

The time that I spend following my passion (around sharing) is actually time that I would have spend with my family.

I want to congratulate all MVPs who were awarded and renewed this year. Your contributions and commitment to helping others are inspirational.

You can find my MVP profile here.

Award Unboxing - 

The award kit you receive each year is very cool. Here is a quick unboxing of this year’s award.

After Quarantined for a week we started Unboxing - 

A Thank You message.

My Little girl got super excited with unboxing that she wanted a picture with certificate.

New Disk and certificate joins the family.

Thankyou again for all your love and support. 🙏

Stay tuned there is lot to be learned and shared.

Saurav Dhyani


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