Tuesday, July 28, 2020

MSDYN365BC - How to Connect VS Code with NAVUserPassword on-prem.

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This is a follow up of last article where we did Configuration NavUserPassword in on-prem.

So after configuration to NavUserPassword you might not be able to connect to Visual studio Code.

In this article we will discuss about steps that you need to take so that we can use NavUserPassword on-Prem installation.

There are few changes that we need to do to connect VS Code with changes done in Service Tier.
What is the Issue?

1. Start your Visual studio Code.
2. Use Ctrl+Shift+P and Select AL: Go!
3. Choose the Folder where you want to save your extension.
4. Choose Target Platform.
5. Then Choose Your own Server.

If you try Download Symbol you may end of the error message as shown below.

Let's talk about how to fix this issue.

As we are using certificate with NavUserPassword, we configured our website with SSL we need to Enable SSL for VS Code.

Edit your Service Tier Configuration, Set Enable SSL, in Development Tab as shown below.
Restart your Service Tier.

  1. Next change that we will have to do is in Launch.json.
  2. Change Server from http to https.
  3. Change localhost to your certificate name that you are using in web browser.

Now try to Download Symbol and It should be download Symbol.

Last but not least, if you try to publish Extension, System will not be able to open Modern Client. 

For this we will have to upgrade web client Base URL in the Service Tier.

Open Service tier and Update - 

1. Web Client Base URL (in Client Services Tab).

2. Assign Value https://<Ceritifcate Name>/<Service Name>/Webclient

Restart the Service and Publish Extension. System will open Modern Client.

Hope this article helps you to setup NavUserPassword with Business Central #Msdyn365bc.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay connected, there is lot coming up.

Saurav Dhyani

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