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MSDYN365BC - 2019 Wave 2 Cumulative Update 15.4 Released.

Hi All,

Microsoft Have Released Cumulative Update for 2019 Wave 2 (15).

Please find below the details of Cumulative Updates Released for Microsoft Business Central 2019 Wave 2(15).

Cumulative Update for March 2020.

Below are the Links to Download the Latest Cumulative Update.

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1. Title - Update 15.4 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2
  Application Build No. - 15.4.41213
  Platform Build No. - 15.4.41193
  Local Version - AT, AU, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IS, IT, NA, NL, NO, NZ, RU, SE, UK
  Details of Update
  Download Link

Platform Hotfix -

346504 - "The length of the string is *, but it must be less than or equal to 250" error message is displayed in all Power BI embed scenarios.
346429 - Circular references between pages by using the Page Parts cause the instability of web services.
345333 - Do not make public SQL Injection command and report on Business Central Help Server.
340844 - Dynamically hiding visibility of a group on a page is breaking the F6 shortcut, where the focus does not go past the hidden group in the Web client.
335609 - Label printer does not select the appropriate orientation when it is used through the printer selection after upgrading from CU 9.
339853 - "There is no AllObj within the filter" error message is displayed in the New-NAVServerPermission cmdlet.
336725 - "Sales line already exists..." error message is displayed when you sort on a column other than the Line No. field and continue to enter the new sales lines.
346636 - The upgrade code might delete the customer data in the Power BI URl fields.

Application Hotfix -

340905 - The Rapid Start Validate Package process is extremely slow when you import a small amount of data into the table from a spreadsheet.
340775 - The payment registration functionality does not work for credit memos, but credit memos are displayed on the Payment Registration page.
343144 - The color of the matching lines does not change to green immediately when you use the Match function manually.
341933 - "The length of the string" error message is displayed when you use a G/L account with a name with more than 50 characters in the Dimension - Detail or in the Dimension - Total report.
342392 - An electronic invoice in EHF 3.0 format cannot be validated successfully when the document contains positive and negative lines and different VAT rates.
343940 - The location code is not selected for the Quick Entry property when you press the ENTER button in the sales documents.
340459 - Error message is displayed when you publish the modified general journal lines from Microsoft Excel.
341359 - The Customer - Balance to Date report doesn't display anything although there is a balance for a customer.
344056 - Inconsistent posting dates display in the vendor ledger entries and a vendor payment transaction, and cause differences between G/L and sub-ledger.
340892 - "The changes to the Item Category record cannot be saved" error message is displayed when the Parent Category field is validated on the Item Category page.
343279 - The unit cost with the open outbound entries on the Item card are extremely high.
341572 - The closed inventory period will block the correct posted purchase invoice for a posted invoice that only had G/L accounts posted on a posting date prior to the closed inventory period.
344042 - A reduction performance displays in the exponential adjust cost after you post double entries.
339707 - The low-level code on the Production BOM page is against the Quantity Explosion of the BOM report.
340161 - "Not all routing lines are sequenced forward on routing" error message is displayed during the certification process for parallel routings when one of the parallel branches is longer than other branches for 4 steps.
340523 - The consumption is missing with backflushing when the output has been previously reversed and per quantity is below rounding precision.
341859 - The E-mail field in the Customer/Vendor card does not allow more than one Email ID in Business Central on-premises.
338887 - An error message is displayed if you select more than one item with the extended text by using the Select Items function.
338465 - The line is inserted into the General Posting Setup after you enter the purchase invoice line in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
339552 - After you pull the drop ship lines from a sales order into a purchase order, the custom Customer Address field has the incorrect value in the State field.
338283 - If you set a Link Target page to a workflow response, the related notification which is sent does not report the link.
340604 - If you open the Customer Card page from the Sales Order Page, no date filter will be applied.
341169 - Error when trying to apply Customer, Vendor and Item template with Dimension values.
342441 - The Work Description field is not printed in the Standard Credit Memo report.
342469 - The ApplicationArea property for the Work Order action item on the page is incorrect.
343184 - The company email address is not printed correctly in the Customer Receipt Payment report.
336725 - "Sales line already exists... " error message is displayed when you sort on a column other than the Line No. field and continue to enter new sales lines.
344370 - "The Item does not exist. Identification fields and values: No.='XXX' " error message is displayed when you search on a few characters of Item No. in the sales order.
339308 - "The filter ‘’|WHITE is not valid for the Location filter on the Warehouse Worker WMS Cue table. The left side of ‘|’ operators cannot be empty." error message is displayed when the warehouse employee is setup with the blank location code on the first line.
339578 - "The length of the string is 1032, but it must be less than or equal to 1024 characters..." error message is displayed in the Activities section on the Warehouse Worker Starting page when a high number of locations are assigned to the user.
339664 - A lot of information is lost in the created movement.
340313 - "Qty. to Handle (Base) in Tracking Specification for Item No. X, Serial No.: , Lot No.: L is currently 20. It must be 10" error message when you post an inventory pick due to the unnecessary item tracking lines.
340383 - Error message does not display in the item No. that is blocked when the purchasing is blocked.
342700 - The Available Qty. to Pick fields in the Pick worksheet include quantities that are reserved for other source documents.

For information about the previous Cumulative update released for Business Central on Prem, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, NAV 2016, NAV 2017 & NAV 2018 please Navigate to Hotfix Label or follow the Link.

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