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MSDYN365BC 2019 Wave 2 - Upgrade Compatibility Matrix.

Hi Readers,

With Release of Business Central 2019 Wave
2, there is a lot of wave of questions about upgrading to Business Central 2019 Wave 2.

I thought of writing about it to clear a few confusion.

As we all know with MSDYN365BC 2019 Wave 2, Windows Client and Development Environment were retired.

We can still upgrade to Business Central 2019 Wave 2 from any version of Dynamics NAV. Based on the current version there can be one or multiple levels of data migration to reach Business Central 2019 Wave 2 (15.X).

1. Only Upgrade From Business Central Spring 2019 (version 14)?

Yes, this is true.
For Upgrading to Business Central 2019 Wave 2 (Version 15) you should upgrade first to Business Central Spring 2019 (Version 14).

2. Can I upgrade from any Cumulative Update of Version 14 to the latest version of BC15?

No that is incorrect.

Yes, this was not like this earlier but with Business Central 2019 Wave 2 (version 15) there is specific Cumulative Update that database should be in Business Central Spring 2019 (Version 14).

3. So I need to use the compatible Cumulative Update Platform?

The database should be compatible with the Cumulative Update Platform and Application.
Which Means Code and Executables.

4. So Which Version of BC14 is Compitable with which version of BC15 (for Upgrade)?

When upgrading from Business Central Spring 2019 (version 14) to Business Central 2019 release wave 2 (version 15), it is important that your Business Central 14 version is compatible with the Business Central 15 version that you want to upgrade to.

14.0   (GA and cumulative update 01) => 15.0
14.3   (cumulative update 02)              => 15.0
14.4   (cumulative update 03)             => 15.0
14.5   (cumulative update 04)              => 15.0
14.6   (cumulative update 05)              => 15.1
14.7   (cumulative update 06)              => 15.2
14.8   (cumulative update 07)              => 15.3
14.9   (cumulative update 08)              => 15.3
14.10 (cumulative update 08)              => 15.4

Compatibility Matrix Reference Article

With all that I would like to Suggest something while upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 2019 Wave 2.

I would personally recommend that before upgrading to BC15 convert all customization to AL Extension. 

Microsoft allows us to customize Base App in Business Central 15, but as multiple people already said that because you can doesn’t mean you should. Read these articles - 

Waldo - AL BaseApp Customization: “because you can doesn’t mean you should”

Jon Long - Just Because You Can, Don’t: The Potential Consequences Of Changing Microsoft Dynamics AL Code.

Let me know what else you would be interested in reading about. I can try writing an article on your suggested topic.

Hope you find this article useful. Let me know your views as a comment on this article.

Saurav Dhyani


  1. How about an article on upgrading business central 14.0 to 15.0

    1. @Rihan Sharma,
      Hope this helps -

  2. I would love to see an article on upgrading BC 14.0 to BC 15.0

    1. @Rihan Sharma,
      Hope this helps -

  3. I have upgraded BC13 to BC15.3is it possible ?

    1. You cannot. You will have to upgrade -
      1. From BC13 To BC14 CU07.
      2. From BC14 CU07 To BC15.3.

  4. Hi Saurav Dhyani,

    My customer wants to upgrade and publish their vertical into Business Central app source from Nav2016. Please tell me the steps i should follow.

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      If I understand it correctly your customer is using NAV 2016 and would like to upgrade to which version?

      Customer Owns a vertical or they purchased that vertical from a Partner?

      You want to publish it to App source for Selling it on Business Central SaaS?

      Send me an email and we can discuss further on this -


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