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MSDYN365BC - Cumulative Update 07 released for Business Central on Prem (13.0).

Hi Readers,

Microsoft has released, Cumulative Update 07 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and is available for download.

Remember this Cumulative Update is for Version 13.0 not for Spring Release.

Details are still not available for the download link is available for everyone.

Cumulative Update 07 - 

Application Build  - 31809
Platform Build       - 31719
Download Cumulative Update 07 (#MSDYN365BC - onPrem)
Changes in Cumulative Update 07

Platform updates in #MSDYN365BC Cumulative Update 07 -

304569 "There is nothing to create" error message is displayed when you create an inventory pick through the Web client (the Windows client works fine).
308537 A null reference exception is raised in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Provider when the record buffer contains null values.
298162 "Status must not be Certified in Production BOM Header" error message is displayed when you add the Routing Link code to a production bill of material (BOM).
307200 An error message is displayed sometimes when you access a website and contain the DIALOG.CONFIRM method.
303127 The Selection field from the Generic Chart page does not work if bound to an extension query object.
302945 Fields that are made editable in customization is not editable with a customer license.
306951 The Order Planning web page does not display all records when you collapse all records.
305273 An error message is displayed when the Web client times out.

Application updates in #MSDYN365BC Cumulative Update 07 -

302966 "The Bank Account Statement Line already exists. Identification fields and values: Bank Account No.='XXX', Statement No.='XXX', Statement Line No.=XXXXX'" error message is displayed when you try to post a payment reconciliation journal.
303083 The bank account reconciliation access should be located under the Cash Management menu.
305175 The G/L Bank Account No. field in the Bank Account Posting Group table should be called G/L Account No.
303847 The service contract is signed even if you cancel the process due to the missing Next Planned Service Date value.
303922 The G/L Account No. field is empty in a VAT Entry after you un-apply for payment and an entry from a prepayment invoice with the unrealized VAT.
304204 "The length of the string" error message is displayed when you add a deferral code to a purchase invoice when using long descriptions in the purchase invoice lines.
304437 The Payment Tolerance Debit and Credit Accounts fields are not visible on the Customer Posting Group List page if the Payment Tolerance % = 0 and the Max Payment Tolerance > 0 in the G/L setup.
304446 The Correction of Remaining Amount entry type is created with unexpected amounts.
304723 The reversed field on the G/L Registers page is only updated for the reversed entry and not for the initial entry that is reversed in some cases.
304736 The country/region code and the VAT Registration No. fields are not filled in the VAT entry if you post a transaction in two lines on the Recurring General Journal page.
305091 The Recipient Bank Account field is populated in the Gen. Journal Line table if the Doc. Type field is set to Credit Memo or blank.
305129 The credit transfer register entries are created with wrong values when a payment file is exported for a payment line that applies more than one document.
307215 The Document No. field is incorrectly carried out in the general journal from a batch with no Series No. field to one with the Series No. field.
303931 A purchase order receipt is posted without an error when the inventory posting group is not defined for location.
304721 "You cannot revalue individual item ledger entries for items that use the average costing method" error message when you choose an Item Ledger Entry through the Applies-to Entry field in the Revaluation Journal.
307331 "You must assign a lot number for item X" error message when you post the receipt of a transfer order with an item tracking defined.
307981 "You do not have the following permissions on TableData Service Item: Modify" error message when you delete a vendor which does not have any service item defined for.
304178 A job related to a negative adjustment is incorrectly cost adjusted when the purchase is partially invoiced and the cost has changed.
307946 The posted total cost LCY of job planning line is incorrect.
300468 The Calculate Regenerative Plan calculates a projected inventory that is not enough to address a maximum quantity in the Reordering Policy field.
302115 An inventory pick is created for an item that does not have stock when you reserve a component and this component shows in different lines for the same production order.
302201 "Reserved item XXX is not on inventory" error message is displayed when you create an inventory pick for an item that is partially reserved against the purchase order.
303068 "The field Item No. of table Planning Component contains a value (70061) that cannot be found in the related table (Item)." error message is displayed when you run the Calculate Regenerative Plan function in the Planning worksheet due to a non-inventory item that is part of a production bill of material (BOM).
304190 The Gen. Bus. Posting Group field in the production order related to a sales header is not blank.
302971 It is not possible to send document templates in the body of an E-mail message by using the Segment functionality.
305262 The translation is missing in the segments.
303444 "You have changed Location Code on the purchase header, but it has not been changed on the existing purchase lines" error message is displayed when you click on the Show Fewer Fields button in the Shipping and Payment FastTab from the Purchase Order page.
297565 The sales order is created with the blocked item when you copy a document with the Recalculate Line=FALSE cmdlet.
300107 "If you change Currency Code, the existing sales lines will be deleted and new sales lines…" error message is displayed if you change the Currency Code field to blank.
300756 The Bill-to Contact Name field on a sales invoice can no longer be edited.
302778 The Select Items feature does not consider the Extended Text feature of the selected items in the sales and purchase documents.
303537 "An attempt was made to change an old version of a Sales Line record" error message is displayed in a sales quote with an invoice discount.
304314 The payment terms and shipment methods are missing in the document header when you print a posted sales invoice.
304540 The drop shipment is not copied in the sales line when you use the Copy Document function with Recalculate Lines=FALSE cmdlet.
305315 "You may not enter numbers manually. If you want to enter numbers manually, please activate Manual Nos. in No. Series S-ORD-1" error message is displayed when you create a sales order.
305393 The VAT clauses are not displayed in the Sales Credit Memo report.
305643 Blanket order archives are not available on any menu or in search.
305645 The batch job of Delete Invoiced Return Orders should be available on the respective list pages.
306229 "You cannot cancel this posted sales invoice because item X is used on a sales order" error message is displayed when you cancel a sales invoice.
306598 "The record in table Batch Processing Parameter Map already exists" error message is displayed when you run the Post Batch function from the Sales Order List page.
307204 The contact name is duplicated when you print from the Sales Quote page that is created for contact with type Company.
308522 The IC Partner Code field is empty if you post a sales order where only the bill-to customer has an IC partner code.
308671 The city and postcodes get cleared when the country/region codes are entered or validated.
308776 The cancellation of the document that contains lines with blocked items or accounts fails.
303048 The Logo Position on Documents field in the Sales & Receivables Setup table does not have the desired effect in the sales documents.
305406 The Description 2 field of the VAT clause is not displayed on the Word layout in the report in the Danish version.
305108 It is possible to change the Tariff No. field in the Intrastat journal.
302540 The first expired lot is not on the Whse. Pick page when you have a pick according to the FIFO option and the lot is reclassified from the shipment bin.
302955 There are filters to batch-get Src. documents to populate the warehouse receipt. The Qty. To Receive field is populated even though the Do Not Fill Qty. to Handle option is selected.

Saurav Dhyani


  1. Will there be monthly cumulative updates for the Spring release (14.0) as well?

    1. Hi,

      I think yes. I heard it from one of the attendee of #DirectionsNA.


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