Wednesday, February 27, 2019

MSDYN365BC - Futuristic CAL Development - Report Expense Analysis.

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As discussed in the Last article, in this post we will develop the Expense Analysis Report as per our Customer Requirements.

If you are new to this series then Please Refer Table of Index.

In this article, we will develop a New Report for Expense Customization / Feature that we build during this series.

Our customer requires to get G/L Entries list which has expense code specified. The data should be grouped based on Expense code and also should print Totals for each Expense Code in the General Ledger Entries.

Let's build a New Report - 5000 - Expense Analysis, with Data Items Expense and G/L Entry as shown below.

Add Request Field Filters as per user requirement. Additionally in G/L Entry Data Item Table View should have a filter of Expense Code, not BLANK as listed below.
SORTING(Document No.,Posting Date) ORDER(Ascending) WHERE(Expense Code=FILTER(<>''))
Next, Let's add fields in the Report Dataset to use them in the Layout as shown below.

 If you want to use the Table Field Caption then, select Include Caption as Highlighted above.

Next part is to develop layout as shown below.

The Report is Grouped based on Expense Code in G/L Entry and Include Group Total as you can see above.

We have posted some more entries with Expense code to test the Report output. As you can see below is the Report output.

With this, we have completed the customer requirement.

Hope you like the article and understand how should we code in a futuristic way in CAL.  Please add your comments to the article as your views and questions related to the article.

Next article, we will summarize what we have learned with this series and will also announce the next series that we will be discussing in my blog.

Saurav Dhyani

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