Tuesday, February 26, 2019

MSDYN365BC - Futuristic CAL Development - Testing Customization.

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As discussed in the Last article, in this post we will Test for all development done in this series.

If you are new to this series then Please Refer Table of Index.

We will break our Test in multiple Test Cases to test all subscribers that we have developed in our Functionality.

Let's Test our solution.
Test Case  1 - If we Create a Purchase order with a G/L Account line & a Line with Item. Does Line with G/L Account bring the Expense Code automatically or not?

Test Results - PASS.

Test Case  2 - If user Change Quantity Expense Code becomes Blank or Not?

Test Results - FAIL.

A wrong Event subscribed. Actually, we subscribed to Location Code instead of Quantity field in Purchase Line as shown below. (Refer Here for Mistake)

Wrong (Current) Subscriber - Subscribed in Location Code Field.

Right Subscriber - Subscribing the Quantity Field.

Testing again with update Subscriber.

Test Results - PASS.

Test Case  3 - If a user tries Posting purchase order with Line with G/L Account Does not have Expense Code. Will it error out and for the right line?

Test Results - FAIL.

A code is checking Expense Code in all lines which it should, as our expense code functionality is only for Lines with G/L Account. That means we have wrong code in Subscriber as shown below.

Let Update Code and filter TESTFIELD for Line with Type G/L Account in Subscriber to check only lines with G/L Account as shown below.

Testing again with updated Subscriber Code.

Test Results - PASS.

Test Case  4 -  As per customer requirements, System should check Expense Code in the Purchase Line is Disabled or not. If Disabled then system should generate an error message.

Set Disable EXP1 from the Expense Page as shown below.

As we have seen in the last test case, there was no code for the same requirement (as shown below).

so Test Results - FAIL.

Let's add the code in the subscriber to check expense status as shown below.

Now let's test the solution with updated code in subscriber codeunit.

Test Results - PASS.

Test Case  5 - Now let's assign "Expense Code" in Purchase Line and then post Purchase Order and see in G/L Entries.

Test Results - PASS.

In Next Article, we will develop the Report which is the last part of Customer Requirements.

Let us know your thoughts as a comment on the article. Hope it makes sense!

Saurav Dhyani

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