Saturday, November 3, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 - Sales & Purchase Batch Posting Issue.

Hi Readers,

I am fixing this issue in multiple NAV 2018 projects, so I thought it would be nice for sharing it to the community so if anyone faces issues can fix it.

Below are the details of what objects are impacted for this change and what additional steps to do other than object merge.

Applies To - NAV 2018 Pre CU09 (Application Hotfix), Sales & Purchase Batch Posting.

I have seen issues reported by the user. Below are examples -

1. The Batch Processing Parameter Map already exist. Identification Fields and values: Record ID= Sales Header: Order,''

2. When I try and post a batch, nothing happens. Also, if I try and invoice an individual order, it always posts to a fixed date.

Microsoft object Impact for the fix are codeunits - 1371|1372|1380.
These codeunits have been referred in two codeunits - 88|98

Object Impact for fix issue - 88|98|1371|1372|1380

Codeunit 88     Sales Post via Job Queue
Codeunit 89     Purchase Post via Job Queue
Codeunit 1371 Sales Batch Post Mgt.
Codeunit 1372 Purchase Batch Post Mgt.
Codeunit 1380 Batch Processing Mgt.

If these objects are not modified in the customer database, we can replace these objects from CU09 database otherwise compare listed objects to merge changes.

This actually does not fix the issue as legacy data exist which will be required to be cleared.

Additionally - we will have to delete data from table 52 & 53.

These tables are used to store data that stores batch processing parameter and Map.

Table 52 - Batch Processing Parameter &
Table 53 - Batch Processing Parameter Map

Hope this article help you in fixing the issue in the customer database.

Saurav Dhyani

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