Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wishing all my Blog Readers - Happy New Year.

Hi Readers,

Time flies when you're having fun, It's being fun and learning with you all from last 06 years.

I still think about it and I am sure without your love, anger, motivations, Suggestions & Questions I would have stopped writing long back.

You were there to correct me, suggest me and help me whenever I needed. You are true motivation behind my writings.

Wishing you all a Very happy new year & I think this is the best time for me to say Sorry to those whose questions I did not reply last year, whose comments I was unable to reply (due to issue with google comments) and whose suggestion I am unable to work on.

Sorry If you are one of them, but will try my best this year 2017!!

With 2016, I tried some new things and based on your response they are still there or no longer exist.
  1. YouTube Channel Started.
  2. Google + Page Started.
  3. Weekly Quizzes Started.
Below are links to connect on Social Media -

Here is the summary of 2016, and that is all your love that bring these numbers -

  • Articles Posted   - 101.  [Tried to put all my knowledge and most of the queries]
  • YouTube Videos  - 30.   [Your Likes & Comments are bringing more videos
  • Quizzes               - 20.   [Most of you didn't find it interesting, so it's discontinued]

Social Media Stats -Our Connections are becoming more and stronger with every day. Below picture tells me that.

Blog Status -  I tried my level best and will keep on trying this year too!!

There is a lot happening in Dynamics world Right Now. Please stay connected and keep suggesting.
You Love, Anger, Questions & Suggestions all are welcome and will keep this blog up!

Let's Make 2017 a great year and Learn as much as we can.

Saurav Dhyani

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